Mexico Bariatric Center's Surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela Boasts No Complications, Incidents for 2014

January 03, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
January 3, 2015 - Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, a metabolic and bariatric surgeon, boasts no complications, deaths or major incidents for her weight loss surgery patients for 2014. Dr. Valenzuela works for Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC), the #1 provider of bariatric medical tourism in Mexico.

While the average complications rates for gastric sleeve surgery are: Death 0.19%, Stenosis 0.6%, Bleeding 1.2%, and Leaks 2.2%, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, had zero (0%) incidents in 2014.

While Dr. Valenzuela overwhelmingly practices gastric sleeve, she also performs gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass and duodenal switch - all of which, tend to have higher complication rates than gastric sleeve. Dr. Valenzuela provides one of the best records in Mexico. Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela's work ethic and MBC safety provisions are two, of many reasons why MBC is leading the medical tourism revolution.

"All surgeries, major or minor, inherently carry risks. But we are proud to see Dr. Valenzuela's team experience no complications for over a year," explains Ron Elli, Ph.D., the founder of Mexico Bariatric Center.

About Mexico Bariatric Center's Safety Provisions
Mexico Bariatric Center strives to offer affordable bariatric services, while maintaining a high standard of care and safety. MBC has the following procedures in place to ensure our patient's safety and wellbeing:

  • Limited surgeries per day - We limit the daily surgeries a surgeon can perform to just 2 to 3 a day per surgeon.
  • MBC does not stack multiple complicated surgeries on a single day.
  • MBC has a successful, before and aftercare support which includes vitamins, diet guidelines, and access to our registered dietician.
  • Transparent Facebook Support Group - MBC's leading the way for open transparency for our patients. Patients can chat with past patients or ask questions directly.
  • MBC Reports and Releases (like this one) about our surgeons, staff, hospitals and affiliates.

  • About Mexico Bariatric Center
    Mexico Bariatric Center, a leading medical tourism company founded in 2012, has connections with top bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Mexico Bariatric Center has helped hundreds of patients achieve weight loss success by finding affordable weight loss surgeries in Tijuana, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Currently, MBC offers gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch and revisional surgery. Mexico Bariatric Center has access to leading surgeons including Dr. Ismael Cabrera and Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela.

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