GrowInfluence Launches Influencer Marketplace that Offers a New Way for Advertisers to Reach Consumers

January 06, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 6, 2015 Agoura Hills, CA. GrowInfluence has announced the launch of an innovative marketplace that brings together bloggers and social media influencers with brands, to create a new marketing channel that will alter the way many companies reach new consumers.

GrowInfluence solves two of the leading issues facing the marketing landscape today:
  • How to reach a younger audience that is less receptive to direct advertising
  • How to partner with bloggers and social media influencers to reach their audiences in an authentic way

  • GrowInfluence-sponsored authorship allows brands to easily target blog and social media audiences that are already interested in promoting their brand's message and products. The result is word-of-mouth driven advertising that benefits both brands and influencers, and that plays an important role in giving companies the opportunity to build brand visibility, particularly with younger customers.

    According to Pew Research, the average user has around 634 connections in their social networks, ranging from casual acquaintances to colleagues to close friends and family members. This means that the average user can have significant influence that extends far beyond their immediate circles, as their social media posts can reach a vast number of users through sharing and engagement.

    "These networks are a prime opportunity for marketers," explains GrowInfluence CEO Bernard May, "especially in light of the fact that over 46% of users turn to social media networks for input when making their buying decisions." Such buying decisions are impacted by factors ranging from a direct solicitation of advice and opinions from their connections, to choices made based on information their connections have chosen to share about their own experiences with particular brands.

    Additionally, 25% of search results for the 20 top brands in the world are links to user-generated content published via social media. While reaching these potential customers directly can be a challenge, reaching them indirectly with the partnership of social media influencers gives businesses an excellent opportunity to grow brand awareness and authority. In fact, studies have shown that online word-of-mouth advertising can generate more than double the sales of paid advertising, making it a powerful and cost-effective way to grow brand recognition.

    The marketplace serves both brands and influencers by allowing them to come together to build collaborative marketing efforts. Brands can connect with influencers to tap into their audiences and marketing power, and influencers can monetize their social media efforts while providing interesting, engaging content that their followers will enjoy.

    To learn more about the site, set up a free Marketer or Influencer profile, and start discovering the marketing power available to brands and influencers, visit

    About GrowInfluence: GrowInfluence is an online marketplace that allows brands to find, connect, and partner with individuals that have a wide reach and a powerful influence over potential buyers in their industry. With GrowInfluence, brands can post projects, partner with influencers, promote brand awareness through sponsored content and monitor the process all within a single platform.


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