SVI and Schutt Step Up their Game with 2.0 SchuttVision Debut New Helmet Featuring Streaming Video and Wider Field of Vision

January 10, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
January 10, 2015 - Sports Video Innovations (SVI) introduces its 2.0 version of SchuttVision the first football helmet integrated with a tiny, rugged high-definition (HD) camera that sits right above a player's brow and captures game-day action. The SchuttVision helmet now streams video controlled by an app that starts and stops recording from the sidelines. Plus, the lens has a wider, 100-degree field of vision improved from its former 64 degrees.

"These changes came directly from feedback from our customers college and pro coaches," says Jeremey Jeansonne, CEO and co-founder of SVI. "They wanted to control the amount of video the cameras captured to make viewing and editing more efficient. And they wanted a broader field of view to help better inform coaching decisions. The wireless capability, the app and the 100-degree lens give them all they asked for."

New features
The new app allows a videographer to monitor battery life, track up to 16 SchuttVision helmets, and remotely start and stop video recording all from the sidelines on a phone or tablet. The app also time stamps the video to make it easier for a video editor to sync up different angles of the same play in post-production. Along with the new wireless technology, app and a wider lens, SVI's camera technology delivers 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, with 2.5 hours of battery life and a removable SD Card for back-up media storage. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved the helmet for game play.

What's next for the technology company? Jeansonne sees taking point-of-view (POV) streaming to game day. "Football fans are telling us they want to see what the players see out on the field during a game. We are lobbying the NCAA and NFL to allow that. Our helmet is safe for game play. The rules just need to catch up to today's technology."

SchuttVision debuted one year ago at the American Football Coaches Association conference. Today, 30 teams including the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Football League (NFL) have experienced the competitive advantage the integrated helmet offers for coaching and recruitment.

Many football coaches are using SchuttVision to evaluate a player's ability by watching where his eyes go during a play especially the quarterback. "It really is very confirming to the coaching staff [to see] how important it is to train the eyes of a player. I think it gives us an advantage there's no doubt about it," says Kyle Flood, Rutgers head football coach. (Engineering the Perfect Season, "Helmet Cam")

About Sports Video Innovations
Sports Video Innovations (SVI) launched in January 2014 to revolutionize the way sporting events are viewed and experienced, starting with football and the SchuttVision helmet. For the first time, a rugged, streaming, high-definition video camera fits into the nose bumper of a football helmet to provide the unique player's point of view coaches, fans and broadcasters have been seeking. SchuttVision is approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

First football, and then the sporting world! Eventually SVI co-founder and CEO Jeremey Jeansonne would like to expand its patent-pending video technology into other areas of sports to bring the company's innovative point of view camera to baseball, lacrosse and hockey. Visit SVI at or on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

For more information, contact Karen Carrera,, 972.207.1935 or @kjcarrera.

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