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January 17, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 17, 2015 - SBS Consulting is an established firm in Singapore offering a wide range of services like, Singapore Company Registration, taxation, accounting, auditing and Corporate Secretarial Services. SBS Consulting has a well-groomed team of in-house professionals with proficient expertise in different niches.

Singapore is quickly emerging as a business hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world. If we consider the entire Southeast Asia, then indeed Singapore gains the honor of being an economic hub of this geographical area. The political stability along with reliable and robust infrastructure are the two major reasons behind development of Singapore as a business hub. Additionally, the implementation of progressive, but genuinely liberal, tax, legal and trade policies undoubtedly motivated the entrepreneurship and commerce in Singapore.

"Singapore has adopted the new technology efficiently. The pace with which Singapore is accommodating the growth of technology, makes it one of the most exciting destinations for Company Incorporation", said Ms Meena, the business head of SBS Consulting. She further adds, "Singapore easily accommodates the expatriates and their rich diversity in culture, making it furthermore an attractive and feasible part of the world to incorporate a business".

Many clients from different parts of the world have already availed Singapore Company Registration Services from Ms Meena through her firm 'SBS Consulting'. Therefore, Ms Meena authoritatively speaks on how and why Singapore is the best place to start a business.

Ms Meena during conversation predicted, "Although, incorporation of start-ups has always been the founder of the initial Singapore market, the incorporation of holding companies by business entities already seeded in Singapore, will see a distinctive rise in coming year". According to recent reports, many companies are already collecting better revenues at this stage and are willing to reap the benefits offered by Singapore's tax code.

One of Ms Meena's colleagues further elaborated her prediction, by adding, "There are many growing companies seeded in Singapore, but by looking at the future, want to raise their stature by incorporating a new holding company. However, such trend of incorporation in Singapore, will not at all affect the incorporation of start-ups".

When foreign investors look at the emerging markets for growth in Southeast Asia, Singapore is surely one of the preferred locations, they feel comfortable to invest and to incorporate their businesses. Ms Meena agreed to this statement by saying, "Stability is seldom found in the South-East Asia, each country in this region has its share of problems. Singapore on the other hand, is highly stable and notable nation for start-ups, indeed foreign investors understand this fact".

To refresh our memory, Ms Meena adds, "Singapore government recently announced that it would set aside an additional S$50 million as an encouragement to the venture capital firms for investing in local companies. With this option, Singapore start-ups can now access a bigger funding pool entirely dedicated to the early-stage investment. National Research Foundation (NRF) will manage these funds, and will be offered as the part of the NRF's preexisting Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) scheme".

Ms Meena, giving us a glimpse of her formidable knowledge, quoted briefly on the 'Technology and Incubation Scheme' (TIS). She said, "Although, TIS came into effect as an initiative under the National Framework for Innovation and Enterprise (NFIE) program on March 2008, not many entrepreneurs are fully aware about it. She emphasized that if new start-ups are properly informed and assisted, many entrepreneurs incorporating in Singapore will find themselves eligible for this valuable scheme".

As per the Technology and Incubation scheme, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore will co-invest up to 85% of investment (capped at S$ 500,000 per company), into a Singapore-based start-up. This will happen only if Technology Incubator recommends the start-up. Additionally, the Technology Incubator needs to invest remaining 15% of investment into that start-up and will have to provide active mentoring and guidance to the start-up company.

Ms Meena is actively involved in counseling and guiding entrepreneurs on investment options & various business incentive schemes in Singapore. Furthermore, through her firm SBS Consulting, she helps them in various issues related to Company Incorporation Singapore, company registration and compliance.

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Although, SBS Consulting is involved in offering various services like Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Bookkeeping, HR and Payroll as well as Company Secretary Services, Incorporation remains their specialized niche. The vast and updated knowledge of the Singapore Companies Act and the in-depth understanding of each business incentive scheme make them liable in offering flawless incorporation services to the entrepreneurs.

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