Avid Football Fans Season Could Be Dismal, Hope for Super Bowl Victory Fleeting

January 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
NEW YORK, NY January 28, 2006 – The avid football fans season can be dismal, with no hope for the Super Bowl in sight. When the planets finally align and the universe comes into balance, football season starts and lasts for six months. During that time the normal football fan spends an average of 2,226 hours a season watching just the NFL and another 2,688 hours browsing the internet and reading newspapers to gather information on his/her favorite team.

Author Jaci Rae says, “Fans who spend all their time watching football tend to ignore their biggest trophy of all, their mate, who is left on the mantle to collect dust for the season.”

It’s no wonder the playing field of love is littered with Football Widows weeping over the loss of their loved ones. For many football fans and their football widows, season after season ends the same, with the fan being benched or kicked off the team entirely.

The relationship highway is littered with well-meaning armchair Quarterbacks who have left their Football Widows at the sidelines, fumbling the ball and missing the end zone at 4th and goal.

“Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown at a Time: How To Score For Men and Women,” (ISBN 074329419X) written by Jaci Rae and set for release by Simon and Schuster / Fireside, teaches you how to take your beautiful trophy off the shelf and polish it off before another team steals it.

Don’t wait until you have to recover the ball from the other team just to be tackled before the end zone as one fan did in Cincinnati recently snatching the ball from Brett Favre during a snap. To win, you need to follow the Yellow Brick Road in order to make it to Kansas where the Super Bowl will be held in 2006.

A few rules from The Playbook to avoid being kicked off the team:

Never get into lengthy negotiations unless you have carefully considered all points. You want a win/win situation just like the NFL Player’s Association is currently doing.

Contract disputes should be settled before the pillow hits your head. You want each player on your team to be happy with the final outcome.

In “Winning Points,” author Jaci Rae will help you with the critical points of the game of love. Ms. Rae has also has enlisted help and advice from some of your favorite Football Hero’s telling you how they have survived the playing field of love. “Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown at a Time: How To Score For Men and Women,” comes to your team just in time for the holidays and makes the perfect Christmas gift that the football fan in your life can’t miss out on.

“Winning Points” is available at retail stores across the nation and around the world as well as at www.barnesandnoble.com and Amazon.com. To find out more about Jaci Rae – “The Rae of Hope ™,” go to: www.winningpoints.net