Relationship Rescues Before the Super Bowl

January 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NEW YORK, NY January 10, 2006 - As the Super Bowl nears, #1 best selling author of Winning Points With The Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time (Simon and Schuster), has some sound advice for the Football Widows who need to score a touchdown with their partners before the playoffs hit and the man in their life plays couch commando.

“If you’re partner is more concerned about that 3rd and 1 on television, than the 4th and 23 in your own living room, you are a statistic on the playing field of love.” Says Jaci Rae.

Rae, also known as “The Rae of Hope,” has hit a chord with Football Widows all around the world, recently hitting #1 on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble bestsellers list. A few pieces of advice if you want to intercept the pass from your partner and take it all the way into the end zone:

“If football season has got you down and you get the same result year after year, you have to change your method. Here are a few tips to try that have proven to be very successful strategies for the women who have used them to get their partners attention away from football and onto them:

Hang out in a negligee during Monday night football. Tease but don’t give in. Then do the same the following Monday. You will get results.
If your mate is a die hard fan and you really don’t like football, strike a compromise with him. For every hour of football that you give him in uninterrupted time, he gives you the equal amount doing something fun that you enjoy without him asking, ‘Are you done yet.’”

To the man in your life Jaci has this to say: “Football and fantasy football are fine, but take them for what they are, a fantasy. The relationship you have with the woman in your life is reality. If you don’t want to be the last round draft pick and a bench warmer then don’t make the woman in your life last place. Avoid season ending injuries and pay more attention to the team you’re on.”

“Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown at a Time: How To Score For Men and Women,” will make the perfect Super Bowl or Valentines Day gift for any football fan. Packed with football strategies that will help the man in your life understand your point of view, as well as relationship advice from some of the hottest Pro Hall of Fame Inductees in America, this is a must have for anyone’s’ holiday list.

“Winning Points” is available at retail stores across the nation and around the world as well as at and To find out more about #1 Nationally Best Selling author and award winning singer Jaci Rae – “The Rae of Hope ™,” go to: or