The Rae of Hope Bypasses American Idol

January 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hollywood, CA January 17, 2006 — A new radio show has come to town with Indie artists and self-published authors at the heart of it. Award-winning singer and nationally best selling author Jaci Rae, has been signed on to host a one hour show every Thursday night at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time that is set to help struggling artists and authors catch solid ground.

With a live Q&A forum to help you along, Jaci’s world renowned guest list is quite impressive. Some of her future guests include: Harvey Cooper, Former VP of RCA Records; Derek Sivers, owner and founder of CD Baby; Mike Corbet, former A&R for Mariah Carey; and Jordan Keller, current legal counsel for the Backstreet Boys, to name just a few, this show has already set off to a phenomenal success to turn the tides for change in a floundering industry.

When asked about her latest achievement in a varied career and what the drive behind her show was, Ms Rae stated: “I get hundreds of email a day asking me how I achieved the success that I have and then they start asking me questions about the business. So many people aren’t sure where to go or what to do, but more importantly, how to avoid the pitfalls that lay in wait for a struggling artist or author. They don’t know where to start or how they can make a living off their craft. That’s why I originally wrote “The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money,” which is in its 11th edition of publication.”

Ms Rae continued by saying: “When I was asked to do this show, I thought it would be the perfect platform to help those who are struggling with much needed knowledge and answers. I didn’t want the show to be about me, I wanted to make a difference. I have been blessed enough to have so many movers and shakers in the industry consent to appear on my show. I only had to ask one time and each one of the guests said ‘yes’ without hesitation.”

To catch Jaci’s show, go to her website: and click on the weekly show link to find out who will be on next.

This unique show is sure to set the industry on its ear and can be heard live around the world.