Next Generation Email Productivity iPhone/iPad App, INBOXMIND, Launches Public Beta in the US

January 22, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 22, 2015 - Email productivity specialists InboxMind, today announced the public beta release of their iOS app for busy professionals, available now in the U.S. app store. InboxMind seamlessly works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN, and Live email accounts.

Recent research has shown how destructive email overload and constant distractions are for worker productivity and health. Email overload can significantly reduce emotional intelligence and cause stress, blood pressure, weight gain, burnout and sleep quality problems.

InboxMind's patented technology solves this problem and intuitively works the way you work. The power of the app is that it works in the background and does not alter or interfere with your inbox.

It understands what emails matter most to you and automatically assigns priorities to cut through the clutter. It works as a decision-support system, improving focus on the truly important priorities and reduces stress.

Life is ever changing. InboxMind patented dynamic prioritization™ technology constantly 'learns' your priorities. You can easily change an email's priority according to your needs and preferences and InboxMind immediately becomes more intelligent.

Another unique feature is called InboxRadio™. Smart alerts read out loud your important emails without opening your inbox. It is great for hands-free access to emails while driving, multi-tasking or on the go.

In addition, intuitive workflow features apply productivity best practices and track all your actionable emails by their 'due dates' and 'priority', empowering you get real important stuff done.

"Anyone who has experienced the stress of facing hundreds of unopened emails with little or no time to read them will understand the value INBOXMIND has to offer," says Founder & CEO, Manish Sood. "We know that your time and priorities matter and we intend to help you make the most of it. It is our mission to make INBOXMIND the best and most valuable email productivity app for busy professionals and help you achieve a work/life balance."

App reviews are very favorable. "InboxMind app is like a secretary working for you…can be used by anyone from the busy professional to the manager of a band." commented PreApps, a mobile apps specialist firm.

About InboxMind:
InboxMind – the smart app for busy professionals can do almost everything that a typical iPhone/iPad Mail app does, but it is smarter and adapts to your behavior, providing email prioritization, intuitive workflow, smart notifications and text-to-speech alerts to make sure you manage your time and priorities effectively and get more done. InboxMind App works side by side with your normal mailbox app, but providing additional functionality and benefits. The app download is available at

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