Blogger or Active Social Media User? GrowInfluence Launches New App That Calculates Your Worth Online

January 24, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 26, 2015 Agoura Hills, CA. GrowInfluence, an innovative online web application connecting marketers with bloggers and social media influencers, has announced the launch of it's new Measure My Influence App ( -a free online App capable of telling users exactly how much their online influence is worth.

The Measure My Influence app helps social media users, bloggers, and YouTubers determine the extent of their reach and discover their earning potential if they were to leverage their audience and influence as sponsored content promoters for big brands.

With the rise of Influencer Marketing, brands today know that the best promotion comes from word-of-mouth messaging, especially from the people their customers trust and follow online. These online influencers have the power to further their reach, promote their products, and give their brand an authentic, engaging spokesperson.

"Many people think of online influencers only as celebrities with incredibly popular channels and massive social media followings," says GrowInfluence CEO Bernard May, "but the fact is that the best influencers can often be those with smaller more engaged and enthusiastic audiences."

By simply entering in their domain or Twitter ID, and choosing the types of content they're interested in creating, such as Twitter posts, Facebook updates, YouTube tutorials or blog posts, anyone can see what kind of influence they actually have online.

Measure My Influence translates that Influencer Score into the potential monetary value for each type of post-giving influencers an excellent insight into their own earning potential as spokespeople for brand's looking to promote sponsored content.

By visiting users can determine their worth-and if they qualify, they can join the GrowInfluence's online marketplace where they can then have the opportunity to get in front of brands looking for new sponsored content creators.

About GrowInfluence: GrowInfluence is an online marketplace that allows brands to find, connect, and partner with individuals that have a wide reach and a powerful influence over potential buyers in their industry. With GrowInfluence, brands can post projects, partner with influencers, promote brand awareness through sponsored content and monitor the process all within a single platform.

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