National Debt Relief Shares How To Get Free Money For College

January 27, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 27, 2015 - National Debt Relief recently shared in an article published January 26, 2015 how college-bound students can take advantage of free money to pay for their cost of attendance. The article titled "How To Get Free Money For College" shares how these soon to be college students or even those that are already in higher education can look for scholarships and grants.

The article starts off by pointing out yet another proposal from the Obama administration that directly affects student loans.This one is directed at making the first two years of community college free for students. This aims to help minimize the amount of student loans borrowers have to take out to and eventually repay after separating from school.

There are excellent associate's degree holders that can make a lot of money in their chosen fields. There are Radiation Therapist and Nuclear Medicine Technologists as well as Dental Hygienists and Nuclear Technician who can command high salaries with just a few years of college. But if the aim is to graduate debt free by waiting it out if President Obama's proposal will materialize into a bill, the students might be in for a long wait.

Instead, the article points out some alternative ways to try and get a degree without a debt tied to it. One is qualifying for a Pell Grant that is being given by the government as a needs-based support.The students needs to fill-out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA so the government can evaluate their financial situation.

The article also shares that it is possible to look for scholarships and even grants on their own outside what their financial assistance package can offer. There are some grant giving associations that can help students get in with a scholarship that is usually performance based. Moving in to Tennessee or Chicago can also help because they are already executing what President Obama's proposal for the community college to be.

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