READING is Only HALF the Equation

January 29, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
January 29, 2015 - As of January 26th, the International Reading Association will become the International Literacy Association. With a sixty year legacy, they have stepped up to the plate to address world literacy. "We can no longer sit quiet and safe on the sidelines." In fact, no human being can sit by and allow literacy to take a back seat. Literacy directly affects our culture, our economy, and the human spirit.

The ability to read and write is vital to our existence as a human race. In schools across America, there has been an ongoing focus on reading fluency as well as reading comprehension. Writing, however, has often been pushed to the back burner due to a level of hesitation by educators. When surveyed, an alarming percent of teachers said they felt uncomfortable teaching writing, or there was a mystery behind teaching the process.

In 2012, Virtual Village Classroom launched with a goal of breaking down the barriers of mystery and lack of confidence in teaching writing to elementary and junior high students. Weekly Writer, the premiere product of the company, provides a 36 week writing program to include instructional videos modeling the writing process for students while providing job-embedded professional development for classroom teachers.

The transformation of IRA to ILA is a leap forward in changing the mindset of educators. Reading is only half the equation. Without the ability to write, one cannot achieve literacy.

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