WerkMaster Launches JobSite Calculator at World of Concrete 2015 in Las Vegas

February 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 5, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV - WerkMaster successfully launches JobSite Calculator at World of Concrete 2015. The JobSite Calculator is designed to help contractors estimate the actual Cost per Square Foot of their jobs prior to submitting a final price to their customers.

One of the greatest challenges facing concrete restoration, surface preparation, coating and polishing contractors today is understanding the actual cost per square foot of the job they are bidding on or quoting. Knowing the actual cost per square foot for labor, edging, surface preparation, polishing, densifiers, sealers, coatings, diamond abrasives, mobilization, travel, etc. is invaluable to any contractor seeking to maintain profitability in this competitive market.

"Very few contractors today really understand what their actual cost per square foot is to deliver a job," states Brian Wilson, President of WerkMaster. "In all of our WerkMaster Certified Training Schools and during International Concrete and Polishing Conference seminars on Job Costing, the overall consensus by contractors is that they really have a difficult time calculating or understanding their costs prior to quoting a job or during the actual progress of a job. No simple tool existed that would assist the average contractor in determining their costs."

The JobSite Calculator is designed to assist all contractors, regardless of the brand, make, model, size, weight, type and number of machines they own on estimating the Cost per Square Foot of a job. It takes into account productivity based upon hardness of the concrete surface, what is on the surface that has to be removed with which diamond abrasive bond or specialty tooling. Some of the features includes comparing cost of grinding wet to grinding dry, diamond abrasive wear and life expectancy, performance of various bonds to specific concrete hardness, power requirements, site safety meetings, parking, meals, production rates of various manufacturer machines based upon their publicized numbers with the ability to input estimated production rates for any machine.

Developed using Microsoft XL, the program will be released in the future as an APP, making it even easier to provide a quote immediately through smart phones or tablets.

A Free Beta Version of JobSite Calculator is available at http://www.werkmaster.com/job-site-calculator

About WerkMaster
WerkMaster is an innovative manufacturer of equipment for the concrete,stone, terrazzo and hardwood refinishing industry as well as a manufacturer of a CFIA certified line of sealers, densifiers and cleaners. The unique design of WerkMaster machines allow them to edge to within 1/8" (3mm) of a wall and the handheld Scarab edges right to the wall. Electric and propane machines are available in various models. Home Depot Tool Rental Canada is now renting the Scarab, Termite and Viper models in various stores across Canada. For further information www.werkmaster.com

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