Green Cell Technologies – making 'cents' and saving the planet one molecule at a time

February 11, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Cape Town, South Africa, February 11, 2015 – Bio-Technology company, Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®), was granted a South African patent for its Disruptor™ technology and has launched its initial commercial business. This concludes an eight-year period of intense research, development, engineering and market research, which has determined a broad and hungry market for its offerings.

The Disruptor™ and its accompanying process, Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®), has broken organic material processing ground, as it does not use harmful heat or chemicals to break-open cells and can easily micronize cellulose into manageable molecular material.

With a successful proof of concept behind it, real world manufacture in a bespoke factory in South Africa and various National Phase Applications pending based on their PCT application, GCT is gaining world attention. The company is already in negotiation with several local and international manufacturing organisations for the purchase, under license, of its revolutionary Disruptor™ machines. The Disruptor™, available in configurations of one to eight barrels, (1 500 litres per hour per two barrel configuration), can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes, bypassing several current steps and providing significant savings as a result.

The technology, which comes at a time where the planet has over 7 billion mouths to 'fuel', is relevant and significant to the full gamut of industry:- pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, cosmoceutical, agricultural, energy, liquid sterilisation, homogenisation and the food & beverage sectors. Its capabilities and innovation are second to none, and according to its inventors, are a means to safeguard the future sustainability of our environment without losing the ability to make a profit.

"If human, earth and energy 'fuel' continue to be controlled by capitalism, then we need a solution to produce these from renewable sources, at a cost so attractive, that it will convince business to adopt this solution and continue to make money, but where their by-product is actually 'saving our planet'" boldly stated company founder & Managing Director, Roy Henderson.

Anabolic Nutrition™
Able to 'blow-up' organic matter better than any other current processing system, The Disruptor™ and DCD® have pertinent significance for the world food market. With a rising population and a shrinking agricultural footprint, DCD® and the Disruptors™, can provide enormous efficiencies for manufacturers and benefits for end users. For example, by using the entire plant/source material, and reducing the plant cell structures to a molecular level, there is a resultant increased yield in the processed raw product, which is achieved at a cost well below current manufacturing standards. At the same time, there is a meaningful reduction in the impact on the environment as waste is practically zero.

In addition to this, the company has repeatedly demonstrated that there are other positive and quantifiable effects to the innovation. Notably, answering the current global call for more fibre in food due to the consumer desire for more texture as well as the potential health benefits this can bring. Disruptor™ technology is able to simply and easily break down the insoluble fibre substantially enough to derive the best outcomes (to anywhere from 10 – 150 micron/6l/10 seconds) - current food-processing systems are unable to do this in one smooth step.

Disruptor™ technology, consequently allows for overall anabolic nutrition to be achieved, something that should be uppermost in all manufacturers minds as it is starting to permeate the consumer's consciousness, that with tightened purse-strings, they need better food to go a little further. Added to this, there is a need for real and true health benefits to overcome stress and maintain human productivity, which Disruptor™ technology can facilitate as the active molecules in the source material are undamaged and fully bio-available for the body to digest according to its unique absorption ratio. "People don't need more food, they need better and more affordable food, and 'DCD® can make this happen," concluded Henderson.

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