Sensors for Exploring Environmental issues in Schools

January 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ScienceScope have a complete range of Environmental Sensors. As one of the UK’s leading developers of datalogging equipment that provides technology-based science learning solutions for the education market. ScienceScope have developed these environmental sensors specifically for the education market for measuring gases, electrosmog, river flow, pH, UV, radioactive count, temperature, light, sound

These sensors all show full scientific unit analysis for calculations, is ideal for measuring the environmental factors within the local environment, such as where pupils live, how various chemicals and materials give off gases and the effects on those gases as a pollutant to our world. Is a great way of getting primary data for students to analyse.

Classroom and outdoor investigations with the ScienceScope range of environmental sensors gives greater flexibility in the teaching of environmental issues surrounding the science, geography, design and technology and citizenship curriculum. The range of sensors include a full range of gas sensors that can help give practical demonstrations on how to measure O, CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2, the changes in environmental factors and aid in discussions on how we as humans effect the world, air quality, life on earth, how chemicals effect living things and the maintenance of life.

· All products are Windows compliant and carry ‘Designed for Windows XP’ logo, are robust, easy to use and set-up.

About ScienceScope
ScienceScope is a leading UK company providing Datalogging hardware and software for science education. ScienceScope is the company behind the Datadisc software that over the past 23 years has developed into a professional data analysis and datalogging tool, covering all areas of science education from early years through to higher education. ScienceScope customers are advancing science and teaching by using the tools to explore, innovate and develop Datalogging and science within their education institutions.


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