Carbon Dioxide Sensor for Datalogging in Schools

January 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ScienceScope, one of the UK’s leading developers of datalogging equipment that provides technology-based science learning solutions, has added a new sensor to the ScienceScope family. The new Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor measures carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere or in an enclosed space, such as a terrarium.

Using ScienceScope’s CO2 Sensor, students can compare indoor versus outdoor CO2 levels, conduct chemical reaction studies, study the cellular respiration of yeast, photosynthesis of plants, atmospheric levels of air expelled from the lungs, animal and plant respiration as well as environmental air quality, in an accurate, effective and easy manner. It can be used in a wide variety of tests or planned experiments to test even the slightest of changes.

The design uses a novel low cost sensing technology with a wide span and good long term performance. Digital signal processing produces stable, easy-to-read data while improving accuracy and resolution.

Because students observe and measure real phenomena, analyse their own data and draw their own inferences they can have a greater understanding of how CO2 can affect global warming, pollution, sustainability, respiratory diseases and combustion. ScienceScope's CO2 Sensor can help students understand science in a way not easily accomplished using more traditional approaches. Ultimately, students learn science by doing the science.

CO2 Gas Sensor Specifications:
· Range: 10 ppm - 10,000 ppm
· Recommended Recording Level: 1s
· Accuracy: 5% of reading (above 1000ppm)
· Calibration: available at atmospheric concentration (350ppm)
· Resolution 2% or reading
· Operating Temperature: 10 °C - 35 °C

About ScienceScope
ScienceScope is a leading UK company providing Datalogging hardware and software for science education. ScienceScope is the company behind the Datadisc software that over the past 23 years has developed into a data analysis and datalogging tool covering all areas of science education from early years through to higher education.
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