New Sound Sensor for Datalogging in Schools

January 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ScienceScope, one of the UKs leading developers of datalogging equipment that provides technology-based science learning solutions, has added a new Sound Sensor to the ScienceScope family. The Sound Sensor offers outstanding performance covering the whole range from 30dBs to 110dBs

With the extended lower range this now allows exciting investigations not previously possible, such as sound levels of the dawn chorus, a quiet classroom, a whisper, music resonance, a chainsaw, experiments involving material to discover sound proof qualities, so giving a wider spectral content of noise for your classroom experiments.

Using the sound wave range uniquely offers the opportunity to measure the sound pressure level of the wave. Giving you the opportunity for your students to understand the relationship between sound intensity level and sound pressure level. How distance is relational to the sound level and pressure and how this increases and decreases.

Because students observe and measure real events, analyse the data they produce and are able to draw their own conclusions, ScienceScope's Sound Sensor can help students understand sound and how this affects them personally in a way that helps them become more aware of the consequences of all levels of noise.

Sound Sensor Specifications:
· Range: 30 to 110dB
· Sound Wave: ±90mPa
· Recommended Recording Interval: 50µs

About ScienceScope
ScienceScope is a leading UK company providing Datalogging hardware and software for science education. ScienceScope is the company behind the Datadisc software that over the past 23 years has developed into a professional data analysis and datalogging tool, covering all areas of science education from early years through to higher education. ScienceScope customers are advancing science and teaching by using the tools to explore, innovate and develop Datalogging and science within their education institutions.


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