New Logbook HandySense

January 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ScienceScope have developed the Logbook HandySense. The Logbook HandySense is a plug and play USB connection to get you started on datalogging direct to your PC. The Logbook HandySense connects din connection sensors direct to your PC so you can take readings taking the hassle out of datalogging with no extra cables, power supplies needed.

Turn your existing sensors into USB dataloggers direct with your PC by adding the Logbook HandySense. The Logbook HandySense gives the ability to connect a sensor to the PC via USB and interact with Datadisc software, giving accurate and consistent readings immediately with no fuss or hassle. Where your PC is you can plug up to eight Logbook HandySense into a USB hub saving the data of various experiments in one session in real time.

Schools that have purchased the Philip Harris datalogging equipment can now make their SensorMeters, Blue Box sensors and Hand sensors into dataloggers by purchasing the SensorMeter pack which contains all that is needed to get datalogging on a laptop with these products.

Logbook HandySense Pack with temperature probe is all you need to get started logging temperature data direct with your PC for just £70*
Logbook HandySense Pack with general purpose Light Sensor £70*

The SensorMeter pack from ScienceScope includes the Logbook HandySense, Datadisc software, worksheets and SensorMeter connecting cable all for just £60 when purchased with any Sensor.

* excludes vat

About ScienceScope
ScienceScope is a leading UK company providing Datalogging hardware and software for science education. ScienceScope is the company behind the Datadisc software that over the past 23 years has developed into a professional data analysis and datalogging tool, covering all areas of science education from early years through to higher education. ScienceScope customers are advancing science and teaching by using the tools to explore, innovate and develop Datalogging and science within their education institutions.


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