CatalystFive SMB Announces Launch Offering a Powerful Way to Post Jobs, Manage Resumes and Sync Interviews in the Cloud

February 16, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 16, 2015 - Many hiring managers and recruiter are very familiar with the problem of finding qualified, interested and available candidates for open positions. There's many common reasons for these issues both within organizations and with the less than ideal tools that are widely used, but fortunately a better, proven way to handle posting jobs and handling resumes is available. Enter CatalystFive and the latest version of their innovative software CatalystFive SMB, which has recently been released on the market. CatalystFive SMB allows users to posts job, manage resumes in the cloud and sync an interview schedule with potential new hires, simply, easily and effectively. To say it's been met with open arms would be quite an understatement.

"We are a small business that has been using our own software for years," commented Mike O'Brien of CatalystFive. "We are excited to launch CatalystFive SMB, aimed at helping small and mid sized businesses cut costs and save time through more effecient hiring practices. We know it works and works impressively."

According to the company, the CatalystFive SMB software acts as a social recruiting platform. It allows users to automate recruiting; finding qualified, interested and available candidates; incorporate and grow LinkedIn lists of interested individuals; and track and measure the effectiveness of hiring strategies. Jobs can be imported into the software from Excel or a website for even more time saving power.

In the new age of "employment branding" CatalystFive SMB delivers its users a way to control their image directly with the people they are considering hiring, something that many experts in the field point to as an important element in future business strategy. Few, if any, other recruitment software options offer this type of flexibility and control

All this combines for a synergistic effect, that is much greater than anyone of the benefits the software offers alone. In CatalystFive's opinion, it's a true "all in one" package.

Currently more than 35,000 companies have posted and gained access to three and a half million job candidates using the CatalystFive family of software.

User testimonials have been incredibly positive across the board. The company is happy to offer testimonials from some of the largest and most well known names in US business.

"We don't have to post jobs an multiple sites anymore," stated Darik Volpa of, "and we have cut our job posting costs by more than $1,000 a month."

CatalystFive is very happy to offer interested parties a free trial to test drive the software and see first hand the immense value it delivers and the time and energy it can save.

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