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February 18, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 18, 2015 - We're iSolar, an industry leader in the engineering, design and integration of solar panels for residential homes, and we're pleased to announce the launch of our new and current website. We've beefed it up with more substantive and helpful information to help consumers make more informed decisions about converting to solar energy for their electricity needs.

On our new site, you'll learn how solar energy panels work, and how one can put iSolar to work and help lock in low energy costs for your home and. iSolar's comprehensive approach to managing your home conversion to solar power takes the worry and the work out of your hands and puts it in the hands of experts in their fields. We manage every aspect of the permitting, design, installation and rebate process. Our in-house CAD-designer, HOA and permitting department and office administration all work together to make the process quick, efficient and customer service friendly.

In our pricing section of the website, you'll find detailed explanations of the financing options available to you when converting to solar power for your home and business, and the features and benefits of each one of those options. We also make our Agreements very clear and easy to understand, making sure that most of the detail is right on the very first page for our clients to see. We'll also make our clients aware of all federal and state incentives for converting to solar power, and by incentives we mean tax breaks of several kinds.

iSolar can make the process of conversion simple, and the benefits of conversion clear, and in most instances, the installation of solar panels on your home's roof can be completed in a single day. After that, all it takes is a flip of the switch. Our initial consultation is free, as is our quote for a customized plan designed to meet your needs.

In addition, with iSolar, your financing options can include ZERO DOWN, and that means your electricity cost savings begins immediately, not years down the road. The savings are real and genuine, and we can help you choose wisely and well on a plan that makes sense for you, your home and your future.

Our intention is to add to our iSolar News blog regularly with new developments in the solar energy industry, news about expanding our business into new states, and all things of interest about solar power. Be sure to visit our blog regularly, or better still, sign up as a subscriber and you'll receive an email each time we add a new piece.

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