Chad Lieberman from 6WIM Tutors Keyword Research for Your Website Content and How to Do It Right

February 24, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
February 24, 2015 - Keywords are central to Search engine optimization. Even with the changes that Google has made to its Algorithms, keywords continue to be important. Chad Lieberman takes a look at how to find the most relevant keywords for an effective SEO campaign.

Chad Lieberman has had plenty of experience in keyword research. He has been running his Internet business successfully for more than 8 years. Throughout that time, Chad has observed the changes in the SEO industry steered by Google's ever changing algorithms. Here, he offers his insights into effective keyword research.

Although many people would like you to believe that keywords are dead, Lieberman asserts that keywords are still central to an effective SEO strategy. The only change is the way website owners use them. In the past, it was okay to use your keywords as many times as possible in your content. Today, search engines would consider it keyword stuffing and would penalize you for it.

The quality of your content is important. You need to provide visitors with content that is engaging and informative. You will suffer the consequences if you don't. Web bots are advanced enough to keep track of the time visitors spend on your webpage. If visitors are leaving your WebPages within a few seconds because they don't find any value in your content, you can expect your rankings to suffer.

A little more creativity is necessary in your approach to keywords and content. Lieberman advises the use of various keywords that delve deep into a specific topic as opposed to searching for and using only one keyword. Using keywords that are more specific allows you to delve much deeper into the topic and make a real impact with your chosen niche.

Finding the right keyword

Lieberman advocates spending a lot of time on keyword research. Finding the right keyword can take up to a whole day of research into your industry. He advises companies to check page results of keywords and visit the web pages listed. Taking note of the content and layout will help you improve on your own website.

When you feel confident in the keywords and model that you have chosen for your website, you can begin implementing your own strategy.

Chad points out that you will probably not see immediate success with the strategy. SEO after all is a long-term strategy. Keep making adjustments where needed. You will see the results on your website after a while and they will last for a long time too. 6W SEO is quite famous for implementing innovative and bespoke strategies to help clients meet their specific goals and objectives.

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