The HOGMAG From CRJ Services Gets Great Results

February 26, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 26, 2015 - A large wood recycling company with a high turnover of wood waste products on a daily basis is playing a vital role in the recycling chain, turning wood waste items such as life expired pallets, demolition timber and chipboards into re-useable products.

The piece of equipment that is making this possible is the HogMag and is supplied by CRJ Services a Knutsford based Green waste processing company. The HogMag brings major benefits to its users including the recovery of metals and enhanced quality of separated materials; minimising the volume of material being sent to landfill and protection of other valuable processing equipment ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Tom Dunne from South West Wood Products said, "The HogMag was very good, we were so pleased with its performance, good quality throughput and reliability. The HogMag processes an honourable 20 plus tonne per hour of 6ml 80ml Grade B & C woodchip and removes 98% of ferrous and non-ferrous metal from our product."

The mobile HogMag has been designed to process a range of applications in any location or existing processing system and the three integrated stockpiling conveyors ensures high throughput is achieved.

For more information on the new unit, please see our new webpage for product information and some short videos of the machine in action.

About CRJ Services.
CRJ Services provide specialist equipment to companies to help them sort refine and process their waste. This helps them reduce their landfill costs and generate an alternative stream of income at the same time.

For further information about CRJ Services, please contact: Ali Wennell:

Business Manager, CRJ Services Ltd, 01565 723886
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