Chad Ian Lieberman From 6W Teaches "The Best SEO Strategies Start With Spring Clean-Up"

March 03, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
March 3, 2015 - "If you have designed and built your website for a while but have not given SEO its due attention, it's about time you hired an SEO agency to quickly implement an SEO strategy for you," Mr. Lieberman began by saying in his lesson on building SEO strategies for beginners.

He explained that SEO as an online marketing strategy requires patience and dedication before the big results can start trickling in, which is why the best SEO agencies always advise that the sooner you begin the better. "We advise our clients to have an SEO strategy even before they've selected a URL for their site." he said, "But for anyone, now is always the best time to start."

Mr. Chad Lieberman recommended s page-by-page 'spring cleaning' for the website as a beginning, regardless of its size. "You must make it as presentable as possible for search engine crawlers as well as human visitors." He added that some sites might have more that needs doing than others but that every site will need some of that initial cleaning.

Right from the beginning, Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman advised that website owners must take care to ensure systematic building of each page, as this would reduce the workload at the time of restructuring. "Many viewers will be led to your site through pages other than your homepage," he revealed, "hence you must have a clear navigation system through which visitors can find what they are looking for in as little time as possible."

Ideally, he recommends that a visitor should be able to get what he needs in no more than three clicks. Anymore and you risk losing the client to another more straightforward site. He advises implementation of a system that connects all pages together, so that all pages are reachable in one or two clicks, not more.

Lastly, Mr. Chad Lieberman advised that links to every other page should be accessible from every page of the site, which is useful for both human viewers and search engine crawlers for better rankings. He advised that larger sites could use an SEO agency to get the process done faster and more professionally.

"Regular updates with current and relevant for your WebPages is a must before you begin work on other SEO strategies," he concluded.

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