Peacock Data releases giant last name software package

March 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
California-based Peacock Data announced today the release of their new pdSurname last name software. The company says, "pdSurname will do for last names what our highly regarded pdNickname product has been doing for first names for years."

It is a one-of-a-kind proprietary resource designed to facilitate matching last names that are not exactly the same but are close in relationship, spelling, or sound. An enhanced version even incorporates sophisticated fuzzy logic which allows matching when names are entered with typographical errors.

The software is marketed to multiple groups. At the core, pdSurname assists companies and organizations attempting to merge lists of names. According the company, "This is particularly important in the medical industry where patient records can be in multiple places with slightly different versions of a name."

The software is also loaded with language and race information about more than 335,000 last names providing a demographic resource never before available on this scale. It identifies more than 600 languages, dialects, and ethnic groups, from English and Spanish to Arabic and Swahili.

Finally, those researching family histories, students, teachers, and scholars benefit as well because this software is recommended for study in genealogy, onomatology, anthroponymy, ethnology, linguistics, and related disciplines.


  • True Variations: last name variants and forms are identified based on linguistic and onomastic name tree research.
  • Phonetic Matches: last names that are not true variations but sound similar or have close spellings are identified and rated on a 1 to 99 scale.
  • Language and Race: the company has appended extensive demographic information about last name origins and language and race of usage.
  • A Pro edition adds fuzzy logic which allows matching when names are entered with typographical errors.

  • The package is quite large weighing in at 22.9 GB for the Pro edition and 16.8 GB for the Standard version.

    The software is available for immediate download and can currently be obtained at a 25 percent introductory discount (Pro, $371.25; Standard, $224.25) or as part of bundles also on sale, pdSuite Names ($645) and pdSuite Master Collection ($795).


    pdSurname Web Page

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