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March 03, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 3, 2015 - How do you match and merge last names on your lists? The answer is the new pdSurname. It is a one-of-a-kind proprietary resource that does for surnames what their highly regarded pdNickname software does for first names. The package is designed to facilitate matching last names that are not exactly the same but are close in relationship, spelling, or sound. It is available in Pro and Standard editions.

Regardless of the version licensed, it contains a large set of last names and variations covering more than 600 languages and all races along with a host of additional features never before available on this scale. The software is also recommended for genealogical and scholarly research.

Pro and Standard

Both editions include the same names and features except the Pro version comes equipped with fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic allows matching when lists have typographical errors. The Standard edition has everything except fuzzy logic. More about fuzzy logic.

This new software currently has introductory pricing.


Comprehensive last name database:
  • Over 335,000 last name formations
  • Over 80 million last name and variation records

  • Last name relationships identified:
  • Close variant
  • Near variant
  • Distant variant
  • Phonetic match

  • Most advanced phonetic matching algorithms.

    Special algorithms for prefix names: MC, MAC, O, DE, LA, VAN, AL, ST, others.

    Match quality scored on a 1 to 99 scale for exceptional ordering of results.

    More than 600 languages of last name origin and use identified.

    Last name usage by race identified:
  • White
  • Black
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Asian/Pacific
  • Native American/Alaskan
  • Multirace

  • Excellent for genealogical and scholarly research.

    Other benefits:
  • Designed to be fully compatible with pdNickname and pdGender
  • Comes in multiple file formats: Comma Delimited (CSV), Fixed Length, and DBF
  • Full documentation
  • Perpetual Site License-allowing installation on all computers in the same building within a single company or organization
  • Available for immediate download


    Fuzzy Logic to match name that are misspelled:
  • Over 28 million fuzzy logic records


    Total records: Pro: 109,932,801; Standard: 81,079,801
    Zipped size: Pro: 1.2 GB; Standard: 962 MB
    Extracted size: Pro: 22.9 GB; Standard: 16.8 GB
    Introductory Price: Pro: $371.25; Standard: $224.25

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: visit the pdSurname web page

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