6WIM's SEO Expert Chad Lieberman Teaches "Achieving Your Business Dreams with Effective Search Engine Optimization"

March 06, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 6, 2015 - "Affiliate marketing takes a bit of effort before you can start witnessing the fruits of your strategies. The first step is to develop a good working plan to increase and maintain your loyal customer base, from where you can reach a wider audience."

Long-time SEO practitioner, trainer and enthusiast Mr. Chad Lieberman began his address as he spoke during an SEO conference for business owners and webmasters. "Email marketing should be part of such a strategy, which you can accomplish by simply inviting customers and visitors to your websites to subscribe to your mailing list," Mr. Lieberman continued.

Mr. Lieberman however advised that subscriptions should not be made mandatory as this is puts off customers, and that the form should only include the customer's name and email address to make it as easy as possible. Further, he discouraged piling subscribers' mailboxes with emails and advised that sending of emails should be only when necessary.

"To sweeten the deal further, you can tell potential subscribers that they will be notified about the latest promotional offers," the SEO expert offered, further explaining that mass emailing is now simple owing to the different programs available online to help with the process. "Remember to send an email to thank subscribers once they have subscribed and/or made a purchase."

Another useful technique he offered was social media marketing and optimization, stating that having an active presence and vibrant following would attract customers to the site. "Use your Twitter account to occasionally inform followers about offers, products and services from other companies, which may increase your loyalty rating with them and earn you free advertising and positive feedback in return," Chad Ian Lieberman expounded.

Further, Mr. Lieberman[ advised his listeners to have in-depth knowledge of their target market, as well as to stay informed about what their competitors were up to in order to stay one step ahead of them. "You can offer your customers questionnaires as they make purchases, which you can use to build a database of the products and services they prefer."

In conclusion, he advised business owners to listen to customers' feedback and incorporate changes where possible in order to have a successful affiliate marketing strategy. "Once you've established the business, think about expansion, and affiliate marketing can greatly help with this."

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