TMF Merchants Find Hope at Nation Leading Payment Processor

March 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, March 5, 2015 - All is not lost for merchants stuck on the TMF (Terminated Merchant File) list as EMB offers a second chance. EMB is the country's leading merchant services provider for TMF merchants. Those placed on the TMF list often feel as though their business career is over. But, at EMB, TMF status does not prevent a merchant from opening a new merchant account, and nobody in the country does it better than EMB.

The Terminated Merchant File is the graveyard for entrepreneurs. Being tagged on this list is essentially the end of all conventional merchant services in the US. There are any number of reasons that a business fails and credit can be ruined: out of control chargeback rates, market crash, or unpaid debt. Yet, merchants have not used up their last chance by being on this list. In accordance with EMB's long standing tradition of doing business with merchants with less than sparkly credit records, even the TMF list won't cow EMB.

Not only is EMB willing, but they pride themselves on having one of the most straightforward and simple application processes in the market. In as little as 48 hours a merchant can go from stranded on the TMF list to having another shot to pull themselves up by the bootstraps with a brand new merchant account from There are no application fees and so long as you maintain a chargeback rate less than 3% in the present your rates will not inflate. EMB does not require extensive financial records no VISA or MasterCard, which further enables merchants stuck on the TMF list.

EMB does not believe the TMF list is the end-all-be-all for business in the high risk world. Getting a merchant back on their feet is EMB's motivation and specialty. For merchants looking to learn from their mistake, rebound, and become successful once more, is the nation's best answer for all of their problems.

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