6W's Top Rated Internet Marketing Expert Chad Lieberman Teaches "The Benefits and Costs of Outsourcing SEO Services"

March 16, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 16, 2015 - "Doing business on the Internet is becoming cheaper because it's no longer as costly as it used to be," SEO expert Mr. Chad Lieberman said as he began an educative forum on the benefits of outsourcing SEO services. "Starting a business on the Internet is cheap, easy and fast, but it doesn't come without its operational expenses and overheads and mastering the art of business."

He then went on to explain that businesses which wanted to succeed on the online platform would have to be equally devoted to marketing efforts as their physical business counterparts were. While different, he said Internet marketing was no less important and then took time to delve into one aspect of Internet marketing SEO services.

"If you're just starting out on the Internet, you may not understand what exactly SEO is, but it's important to recognize that SEO is very important if you want your site to enjoy an increase in traffic and revenues because of a higher ranking position on search results pages," he explained.

Going further, the experienced SEO practitioner revealed that SEO was not easy, requiring a lot of effort and time, as well as patience, before the results can be seen and enjoyed. He added that SEO required certain knowledge and skill, which site owners could learn in time, but which were not very easy to pick up.

He advised business owners yet to understand proper SEO to initially outsource the services to experienced professionals, even if they intended to learn the technique themselves. "Such specialists know how to use different tools and software programs to analyse a site's performance and implement techniques which will lead to improvements in performance," he said.

He told an attentive crowd that SEO services could be outsourced to one of two people: freelance SEO specialists practising individually or SEO companies. He noted that freelance SEOs were cheaper, but cautioned that such individuals would sometimes have too much on their plate, meaning that they would, on occasion, fail to give a business the attention it deserves.

Specialist firms on the other hand, he explained, had permanent staff on hand and a bigger team to entrust SEO services to, but were more expensive. He observed, however, that chances of getting good service were better with specialist firms and advised businesses that could afford it to choose the latter over freelancers and even full-time employees.

In conclusion, Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman said that more and more SEO firms are getting into the market, meaning that the increased competition would make the services even more affordable. He cautioned business owners, however, to invest in thorough research prior to getting an outsourced service provider, whether freelancer or firm.

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