Monarch Green, Inc. Announces Client Success Story

March 11, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 11, 2015, Newport Beach CA: Monarch Green, Inc.® knows that the difference between success and failure for its High Capacity, fast-acting absorbent products is often determined by their performance in spill clean-up situations. Products that don't do the job in an efficient and environmentally sound manner can be stopped dead in their tracks, but this maker of emergency spill kits and other petroleum related spill and leak cleanup products offers a line of products that stand up to tough industry demands, as evidenced by a recent client success story.

Whitecap/HD Supply, a leading distributor of construction supply, tools and concrete accessories for professional contractors, became a distributor for the company's line of oil spill kits and absorbent mats. "I am very impressed with Monarch Green's unique, environmentally sound, spill cleanup products which are made using recycled materials. So much so, I am now a proud Monarch Green Distributor," commented Dan Tsujioka, Executive Vice President, Home Depot and White Cap Industries.

Monarch Green, Inc. ® provides spill containment products under the brand names of Oilinator®, IncrediSorb™, Universal Special Absorbent™, and Cel-Fiber Universal spill cleanup products. Some of the products HD Supply White Cap offer include the Oilinator® Super Sorbent 30 gallon capacity Water Repellant Oil Containment & Spill Kit, 6.5 gallon capacity Water Repellant Oil Containment & Spill Kit, and a 55 gallon capacity Water Repellant Oil Containment & Spill Kit. The distributor will also offer Oilinator Super Sorbent Spill Absorbent Mats in various sizes.

HD Supply White Cap is a national, leading distributor of tools and materials for large and medium-sized contractors. An extensive inventory, combined with will call, site delivery and direct ship options, enable them to deliver products when and where they are needed. A team of more than 400 outside account managers who are experts in their field are available to provide professional service and solutions.

"It means a lot to us that HD Supply White Cap has recognized the quality of our absorbents/spill & leak cleanup products," commented Monarch Green's chairman, CEO, and co-founder, Tom R. Rossi. "Having them as a distributor enables more end customers to easily access our products that can be helpful for everything from a transmission oil leak,major oil spill, or watery spill including………"

IncrediSorb® attracts and captures oil and related spills to maximum saturation. Oilinator® products contain the IncrediSorb® compound, combined with a unique, equally oil attracting and water rejecting, fabric.

The Universal Special Absorbent® line by Monarch Green, Inc. ® answers the need for oil AND water based spills such as coolant, blood, urine, wine, and petrochemical related substances.

About Monarch Green: Monarch Green answers the world's demand for environmentally-friendly, technologically-advanced, cost-effective emergency spill kits and absorbent mats. Its spill kits and oil absorbent pads can be utilized to contain and clean up a brake fluid leak, fuel spill, engine oil leaks, gasoline spill, diesel spill, or RV leaks. Visit the website at to become a distributor. "Like" the Facebook page for information on spill containment solutions. Call 1-877-500-SPILL (7745) Ext. 1 to find an authorized distributor.

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