An App for a Smarter Car Purchase Everyone Needs, Car Cost Universal, Now Available In The iOS App Store

March 12, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 12, 2015 - Car Cost Universal gives users the ability to calculate the annual cost of a car over its potential lifetime. Owning a new car can cost people a lot of money. So it is important to see through the pitfalls. The app will show how much value the car has after deprecation, since that loss is about 50% of the total cost. Car Cost Universal is now available in the iOS app store for $1.99. These important features allow users to estimate the risk of making a bad buy of a new car based on whether they need loans or trying to pay off debt in time. Therefore this app is solely placed on the idea that people can save money directly by using the app.

Car Cost Universal helps give car buyers the ability to make a smarter car purchase and what its potential future value is. This app is unique and creative, as it provides trade in value over the cars lifetime no matter what the mileage is. The special features include the 12-year total cost estimation, total costs due to wear and tear, and a way to fine tune loan terms. This innovative new app will allow users to also get the best and most optimal times to buy cars

"Car Cost Universal gives users the ability to calculate the risks involved with buying new cars. Is it a good buy or a bad buy as compared to other options? Car Cost Universal is special because of its ability to help users with a car's true costs over the years" says CEO Bjorn Sjoblom.

The exciting new app's three important aspects include its potential to not just help users but also provide the trade in value of the car. An important piece to Car Cost Universal is the user's ability to gain leverage when talking with car dealerships about a car's true value. The most exciting feature is the app's ability to tell users when a car component needs to be replaced. Car Cost Universal is a new way to get innovative and save quickly when buying a car.

Find Car Cost Universal in the iOS App Store now for $1.99.

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