PreApps Announces Top 5 Game Apps Coming Soon

March 17, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
March 17, 2015 - PreApps is proud to present five exciting and innovative game apps, just in time for the fresh possibilities of spring. These new apps offer a unique and fulfilling way to spend the day, by exercising the brain, testing the reflexes, and making free time fun.

1. IceTris is a retro-inspired arcade game that features the timeless mechanics of Tetris and match-3 puzzle games. The objective of the game is to move and switch containers to catch falling tiles and position them correctly. Four stylized boards are available, with seasonal boards for Halloween and Valentine. The rules are simple, controls are intuitive, the graphics are great. IceTris is expected to launch on March 15th, 2015 for free download, for Google Play and the iOS App Store.

2. Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds is an exploratory adventure game, featuring a protagonist named Poco Eco. The goal of the game is to help Poco Eco and his tribe find lost sounds by completing mini-puzzles throughout 12 animated levels. It comes with free access to Iamyank's new album, whose ambient rock instrumentals provide an electro-fused feel to the adventure. The levels are comprised of geometric environments made with high-definition visuals. This app will be available on March 16th, for $2.99 in the iOS App Store.

3. Castle Breakout is a basic escape game that boasts 10 unique medieval environments. The goal is to solve tricky puzzles using an inventory of swords, spears, crowns, and more. Each level rendered in photorealistic detail and is based on logic puzzles can be solved in 15 minutes or less. Classical guitar music makes gameplay relaxing and meditative. This game app will be launched for free, on May 15th, 2015 in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

4. Cube Koala is a fast-paced and intense puzzle game, where the user directs a cubic koala through dark mazes filled with deadly traps. As soon as one exit appears, another maze is entered. The levels get increasingly difficult as gravity must be manipulated for the koala to survive. This game requires immense concentration and is not for the faint at heart. Cube Koala will be available on April 1st, 2015, for free in the iOS App Store.

5. Super Monkey Jump has a format that looks similar to Doodle Jump, but the jumps are controlled by the taps of the user. The monkey must jump onto moving platforms that lead upwards, while collecting Super Jumps and Wings for bonus points. The higher the monkey gets, the more points will be scored. The rules are simple, and leaderboards are available for competition between friends. The launch date is March 29th, 2015, for free download in the iOS Store.

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