Mexicali Bariatric Center supports candidates for revision surgery by reducing surgery costs

March 21, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
March 21, 2015 - </li>Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy, leading bariatric surgeons in Mexico, along with the Mexicali Bariatric team of doctors and staff are concerned by the raising number of patients contacting them after that having a failed bariatric surgery elsewhere, therefore proposing a cost reduction to surgery expenses, making the surgery more affordable to thousands of patients that have undergone unsuccessful bariatric procedures. To determine the amount to be deducted, Mexicali Bariatric Center will conduct a personal assessment to each of the revision surgery candidates.

Revision surgery is a type of procedure that is performed on patients who have had a previous weight loss surgery, but did not accomplish the expected results with the initial method, and require a second or even a third surgery. The reasons for the failed surgery may be due to an ineffective surgical technique done initially, inadequate choice of procedure to begin with, poor follow up after surgery, among others. In order for a bariatric surgery to be considered a failed surgical procedure, the patient must have not lost and maintained at least 50% of the initial excess weight. It could also be considered as such if it generates an inadequate quality of life for the patient or fails to correct the conditions that led to its realization in the first place.

An essential factor for having success after any revision surgery is the surgeon's experience, this includes not only the number of procedures performed per year, but also low complications rates and of course the success rates on effective long term results. The operating center's infrastructure, where the surgeons treat their patients, is of utmost importance, because revision surgery carries higher risks than first time procedures.

To be the best bariatric center in Mexico, certifications are pivotal to ensure complete quality control in all of Mexicali Bariatric Center's procedures. Mexicali Bariatric Center is now certified by Johnson & Johnson with the Total Patient Care Center proctorship certification

Patients who chose bariatric surgery struggle with weight management, so changes in dietary behavior are made in order to achieve the expected outcome, these changes will be done with proper coaching from Dr. Edgar Campos during the pre-op, post-op and recovery stages.

Mexicali Bariatric Center with it's leading bariatric surgeons Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy, has extensive experience performing revision surgeries specializing in these more complex procedures for over 10 years.

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