Virtual Wholesaling 3.0 Launches To The Public

May 26, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Virtual Wholesaling 3.0 Launches To The Public

May 26, 2015 - The Virtual Wholesaling 3.0 e-book has recently been launched and is already making big waves in the housing market. This step-by-step checklist allows you to build a wholesaling, buy-and-sell real estate career from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop, a cell phone, Virtual Wholesaling 3.0, and a little grit and determination. See for yourself here

Some investors take their chances playing the REO market, hoping to buy up foreclosed-on properties and flip them fast. That can be part of a winning formula, but sometimes, these homes are snatched up on the courthouse steps before you can even get there. Others try to plug in a dozen different strategies and chase down every deal they see coming, but somehow, they mostly manage to drift on by. Wholesaling via direct email contact with private sellers, however, can outperform these other approaches by leaps and bounds once you master the skill.

Some investors who were previously making only two or three thousand dollars per month have jumped to $100,000 a month by switching to the Virtual Wholesaling 3.0 method. By flipping houses at home, day in and day out, they amass an impressive pile of profits at a rapid rate.

As competition grows and available housing shrinks, real estate investors are forced to search nationwide for good deals. Unless you have a lot of money and time to spend on gas and travel, the Internet and a cell phone are your tools of choice. The simple, easy-to-master method of Virtual Wholesaling 3.0 allows you to flip houses in far-flung regions without ever personally inspecting any of them.

Market research, building a contact list, waiting for or making offers, ironing out the details of the contract, and all the ins and outs of conveyancing properties is handled in step-by-step fashion in Virtual Wholesaling 3.0. It takes a little while to get your feet wet and to find your balance, but many have seen phenomenal success within only six months' time.

Even as the World Wide Web has revolutionized other industries, like auto sales, customer service, writing, book sales, and general retail, it is now impacting the housing market. The ability to quickly learn about distant markets and to contact buyers/sellers local to those areas equals great opportunity for work-at-home real estate investors. While most real estate investors still stick to a more traditional approach, many of those who adopt the virtual wholesaling approach are seeing the greatest success.

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