All Star Internet Marketer Chad Lieberman Teaches "Getting More SEO Value Out Of Your Social Networking Profiles"

April 01, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
April 1, 2015 - "Social networking has now become one with search engine optimization for businesses which want to have ultimate success with their online sites."

SEO practitioner Mr. Chad Lieberman said this as he began one of his training sessions during a forum held for business owners new to Internet marketing. Majority of the companies that enjoy high traffic, he further noted, have a strong online presence characterised by vibrant profiles on social networking sites to complement their SEO efforts.

He then went on to give tips for site owners and webmasters looking to improve the value contributed by social networking profiles for online businesses. "It's not enough to have a social networking profile and a website. Rather, like the spokes of a bicycle connecting the centre to the rubber outer tyre, there must be links from one to the other so that visitors are enticed to further engage with your brand."

By way of offering further explanation, he suggested, for instance, that brands could invite people who've liked their pages on Facebook to also connect with them on other sites like Twitter or Google+. SEO, he said, cannot be fully predictable; hence everywhere visitors go they should be able to find your business.

The SEO expert continued by reminding his audience that marketing is at the heart of any SEO strategy the end goal is for a site to attract visitors who will then purchase the goods and/or services you have to offer. In this process, he explained that content creation accounted for only half of the process of successful SEO because "Creative and interesting content would be useless if nobody gets to read it."

He further added that each time a follower/fan on social media shares content from the business's site, Google as a valuable external link counts this. He therefore advised webmasters to include snippets of content pieces on their social media profiles so that users would be curious and click further.

"Social networking profiles are ranked on SERPs similarly to any other pages, thus you should also consider implementing SEO techniques to improve your ranking custom URLs where possible, target keywords in 'About' information and wherever else," the SEO maven offered as he concluded the meeting. "Don't forget your social networks as you implement an SEO strategy."

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