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April 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
April 2, 2015 - Of course, toys are, most importantly, fun. However, sometimes playing with the toy turns out to have educational value too. WEDGiTS are one of those toys.

Rock McKinley, VP Sales & Marketing of ImagAbility, Inc., makers of the WEDGiTS brand building blocks, said, "Parents and teachers love the fact that WEDGiTS provide a learning experience, but kids just want to have fun. We don't go around telling the kids, but parents and teachers like to know that we make WEDGiTS Classroom Packs and that WEDGiTS have earned numerous educational organization endorsements and awards."

Since the introduction of WEDGiTS in 1997, kids have gravitated to WEDGiTS because the design of each block naturally aligns in both vertical and horizontal patterns. McKinley said. "Educators refer to this as an open-ended manipulative. Open-ended toys allow kids to design on their own without having to follow a given pattern or set of instructions."

WEDGiTS building block toys resemble square donuts and diamonds with angled edges. Mathematicians refer to these block shapes as rhombus and octahedrons. The five, primary pieces of the WEDGiTS toy are graduated in size, so, the blocks actually nest together and stack into the shape of a pyramid.

The award-winning WEDGiTS line has earned ImagAbility honors as one of Family Life's Best Learning Toys, Parenting Magazine's Toy of the Year, Learning Magazine's Teacher's Choice award, as well as approval from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, National Parenting Publications of America, National Parenting Center, Parents Choice, Dr. Toy and Able Play's Special Needs recommendation.

Specifically for educators, ImagAbility has packaged several items that can be used with groups and collaborative play. The WEDGiTS for Educators line includes:
  • The WEDGiTS Class Pack - (MSRP $124.99) - This 90-piece set of WEDGITS product was designed around the developmental requirements suggested by the teacher market. Within the box are six 15-piece sets of WEDGITS; a set of WEDGITS Design Cards; a Parent/Teacher Activity Guide; and a WEDGITS Jumping Frog design poster. The design cards segment 15-piece designs into graduated building levels that allow the teacher to assess each child's reasoning and manipulative skills. The front side of each Design Card offers a color rendering of the design while the back side offers a black and white rendering (along with a quantity and size reference for each block required).
  • The mini WEDGiTS Class Pack - (MSRP $99.99) - The 174-piece set of WEDGiTS is for educators or home-schooling parents to easily demonstrate geometric relationships, vertical and horizontal alignment, sorting, pairs, size relationships, measurement, balance and even molecular designs. The pack includes a set of WEDGITS Design Cards; a Parent/Teacher Activity Guide; and a WEDGITS Jumping Frog design poster. The design cards allow the educator to assess each child's reasoning and manipulative skills.
  • WEDGiTS Green Building Board - (MSRP $15.99) - This 2-sided construction platform allows kids to build WEDGiTS designs that take on multi-dimensional qualities. Kids can create designs that extend lengthwise or towering into the sky. With connection points on the top and the bottom kids begin to think in terms of balanced architecture and functional symmetry. Whether building creative art forms on the table or architectural wonders on the carpet, the WEDGiTS Building Board is designed for construction fun.
  • WEDGiTS Classroom: Parent-Teacher Activity Guide - (MSRP $12.99) - This 66-page guide was developed by Kindergarten and Montessori school teachers specifically for enhancing classroom teaching activities with the use of WEDGiTS 3D building blocks. The guide contains math, science, measurement, record keeping, coloring and building activities with more than twenty reproducible pages.
  • WEDGiTS Wipeoff Book #1 and #2 - (MSRP $10.99/each) - For "Noodling, Doodling and Constroodling"; these creative, activity workbooks can be used stand alone or with WEDGiTS. The 16-page wipe-off books come with three dry-erase markers and include numerous letter writing, number associations, mazes and design building ideas in this educational offering.
  • In addition to the original WEDGiTS sets, other products in the WEDGiTS line include, WEDGiTS on Wheels (WOW), Mini WEDGiTS™, WEDGNETiX™ Magnetic WEDGiTS, building table platforms and other accessories.

    To see the progression of nesting… to stacking… to Wedging…, watch ImagAbility's amazing demonstration here.

    About ImagAbility:
    ImagAbility, Inc. was originally founded in 1997 as the family business, R/C Products. The initials represent Rock & Caron McKinley, the company's founders and owners. One of the reasons for starting the company was to have their children learn about business. By being involved in a family business, the desire was to help motivate their children in preparation for their college planning. The McKinley family has traveled extensively in America and Europe introducing, demonstrating and selling the WEDGiTS product line. As the WEDGiTS product line became more and more popular in schools across America, Australia, Canada, and Europe, the company changed its' business structure and incorporated to ImagAbility, Inc. More information and a complete product line description are available on the company website at and for the most immediate information, the company encourages social media interaction on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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