Irresistible Retro Game, Qake, Available in the iOS App Store

April 03, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
April 3, 2015 - J&H is pleased to present Qake, a retro-design game app where the player's goal is to partition a percentage of the court area without hitting the Balls and Bombs. Inspired by arcade phone classics like Qix and Snake, this mobile app is bound to offer nostalgic entertainment. The randomized level-generator changes the configuration of Balls and Bombs the user faces in each levels, so the gameplay is unpredictable and unique.

As the player uses swipe gestures to section off the court, he must avoid the Balls and Bombs or risk losing lives. Power ups enable the player to move faster, become invincible, and gain additional lives. Within Qake, the enemies come with special features that make winning a bit more challenging, but balls and bombs can be eliminated by closing them off. Users must then get creative and keep a close watch for balls and bombs.

"Qake will pull the user in and make him want to keep playing," says creator Hans-Peter Dietz. "The rules are simple, but each level is refreshing and spontaneous. There hasn't been a game this fun since the classic Snake."

The app's 8bit track makes gameplay increasingly catchy and addicting. Qake also has a black background of the moving balls and bombs, which adds to the fun yet simplicity of the game. The last and most important feature is that J&H also created an algorithm that recreates each level so the game never ends.

Qake is now available in the iOS App Store for $0.99. For more information, visit the JandH website.

About J&H:
J&H are two media computer scientists developing individual software solutions for web and mobile applications. The company sees themselves as the connecting link between an idea and its implementation, while providing customized solutions that satisfy the complex requirements of modern websites and mobile applications.

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