2006 Quit Smoking and Live!

January 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Doctor Apple said that now, a new product that works in different way has been released to help smokers quit once and for all in 2006. He went onto say,
Boost Your Beauty: Give up smoking and refresh your appearance, Wake Up To Health. Support to stop smoking.

Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death worldwide, increasing the chances of contracting diseases such as lung cancer, heart problems, strokes, and cut the average life expectancy by eight to twelve years compared to a non-smoker.

Doctor Apple said that it is estimated that 75% of smokers in the UK have unsuccessfully tried to quit at least once in the last five years so there is big demand for a quit smoking aid that really works and prevents the nicotine addiction.

Doctor Apple said, however, if you are seeking a less punitive and more natural way to quit, try Nicogel. This product has been formulated as an aromatherapy gel and contains a natural extract from the stems of Nicotiana spp plant making it a safe and proven method to help bridge the gap when those nicotine cravings start.

Doctor Apple said that Nicogel is available in a 50ml bottle and contains the equivalent of 50 cigarettes. The ingredients have been pre-treated to minimise nicotine content and the target trace level is similar to that found in the Nightshade plant family.
Nicogel is available by clicking onto the website www.nicogel.net