January 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Targa Media’s e-mail marketing product, IQ Central, which allows a client to collect contact information, group similar contacts, and e-mail them on a schedule they determine, is currently in use nationwide. The program is used to customize online marketing campaigns, and better target valued clients.

"Companies are recognizing the importance of e-mail in any good marketing campaign. More importantly, e-mail recipients are discerning well-positioned e-mails to be convenient and highly useful,” said Jason Steed, President of Targa Media. “Companies who understand and respect this tool are becoming fully vested in email communication.”

Yale University partnered with Targa Media to launch an on-line e-mail marketing campaign to increase event registration and create awareness of a relatively new venue. Their annual private equity conferences nearly tripled in attendance. They also put in use a sophisticated "forward-to-colleague" feature that automatically tracks referred registrations and rewards senders.

Policy Impact in Washington D.C. uses IQ Central to send out daily digests to thousands of opt-in recipients for companies such as Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Force Protection, Inc., IIAA and Leapfrog Learning Systems, among others.

For TAB Bank, a subsidiary of Flying J., IQ Central was custom designed as a lead generating tool that compliments their existing databases. The product flags new bank applicants for e-mail follow-up and assists in updating outdated or incorrect contact information.

Exabyte Corporation uses IQ Central to solve previous legal obstacles associated with “forward-to-colleague" regulations. When Exabyte VARs forward offers to their contacts, IQ Central automatically queues e-mail offers and creates “opt-in” e-mails for recipients.

Goldenwest Credit Union hired Targa Media to help handle sensitive issues often associated with e-mail marketing from financial institutions. It was vital that their e-mail campaign show credibility and respect to privacy concerns.

"Mass e-mail is not just about newsletters," says Steed, "e-mail plays a crucial role in customer appreciation programs, event registration, sales automation, and training and education. E-mail marketing doesn't replace other types of marketing…it connects and expands other marketing media. We hardly ever launch "e-mail only" campaigns.”

Targa Media provides clients currently using IQ Central with a very simple interface for sending e-mails and maintaining their databases. From start-ups to larger corporations, IQ Central is scaled for each client as needed; from daily use to less frequent events. IQ Central manages over 75,000 monthly e-mails, and is in use today by companies headquartered in both the western and eastern US.

About Targa Media. Targa Media is a 1-to-1, relationship marketing and design firm, showing businesses how to begin targeting a higher-value clientele through refined media channels, creative messaging, and attention-grabbing design. Targa Media then measures marketing results using campaign tracking and reporting tools. For more information, visit www.targamedia.com.

Jason Steed
Targa Media, Inc.