Zoom Suit is the World's First "Super-Premium Comic Book" Zoom Suit Comic First to Feature MetalFX® Technology, Staccato printing and High Quality Paper.

January 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Palm Beach, FL – Zoom Suit #1, solicited in the February Previews for shipping in April 2006, has been sponsored by MetalFX® Technology and will feature their cutting edge MetalFX® inks process throughout the entire 36 story pages of the first issue. The team up between Team Zoom Suit (USA), MetalFX® Technology (United Kingdom) and Datachrome Printers (Canada) marks the first “Cover to Cover” enhanced printing process.

MetalFX® Technology is a Universal Process and Spot Metallic Color System that allows millions of metallic colors to be printed, utilizing a software driven prepress process and adding a MetalFX® base ink to the usual CMYK mix. The process allows the alien created Zoom Suit to pop off the pages in a manner similar to a candy apple painting process.

“It’s pretty sick looking. It’s like High Def or 3D. In full metal, the suit is really jumping off the page, and to offer it throughout the entire book without raising the cover price is a huge win for everyone”, said John Taddeo. “I’d like to thank my trade partners for their help. This wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of Datachrome and MetalFX® technology.”

With over 500,000 comics and animation fans having already viewed the award-winning animated film Zoom Suit, a built in audience is expected for the debut of the comic book mini-series in April 2006. The first issue of the four issue mini-series, is written by Zoom Suit creator, John Taddeo, with art by Billy Dallas Patton (Unlimited X-Men) and covers by Patton, Billy Tucci and Bob Layton. Additionally, a series of retailer incentives feature artwork by “Armored Legend” pencilers Gene Colan, Bart Sears, Jim Starlin and Bob Layton.

In issue #1 the Zoom Suit, an alien artifact that grants the wearer superpowers, is stolen by turncoat NSA Agent Simon Bane. In a theft attempt reminiscent of DB Cooper, Simon leaps from an Army chopper at 8,000 feet and begins to don the suit. However, he has made a deadly error: Aliens are small! The suit doesn’t fit! Simon and the suit fall helplessly to earth at terminal velocity. On Earth, thirteen year old Myles Mason is bummed about not being able to afford a Halloween costume, when suddenly, from the sky, alien armor crashes to Earth just a few feet behind him.

Zoom Suit is aimed at an 8 to 80 audience and looks to bring some fun back to comics. The first issue features a $2.95 cover price and contains 36 pages of story and art plus two full letters pages and ads parodying “old skool” ads seen in Marvel and DC comics for X-Ray specs, giant monsters, etc. The issue also contains many pop culture references and inside jokes as well as a secret code hidden throughout that will take fans on a mission outside the book, across the internet and into the middle of an alien conspiracy. Those that can decipher the code and solve the mystery will receive prizes such as DVDs and limited edition comics and trading cards.

Additionally, the cover to each issue features a unique code. fans can enetr their code online for a chance to win Zoom Suit Limited Edition comics.

Due to the additoinal required lead time and unique nature of the MetalFX process comic shops may find themselves short as allocations may occur. Comic fans are warned to preorder Zoom Suit at their local comic shop prior to March 1st 2006.

The award-winning animated short Zoom Suit, created by John Taddeo, can be seen online at www.superverse.com.

About Zoom Suit:
Zoom Suit has quickly become the darling of the film festival circuit appearing in over 40 festivals since the world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 18, 2005 where it won “Best Animation” from the Palm Beach Film Society. Since then Zoom Suit has been featured in film festivals across the country including New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Michigan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the current rate, Zoom Suit will be accepted to over 100 festivals by mid-2006, and viewed by over 250,000 fans of comics and animation. Zoom Suit the comic, written by John Taddeo with art by Billy Dallas Patton and featuring covers by Gene Colan, Jim Starlin, Bob Layton and Bart Sears, is planned for release in 2006. For more information or artwork, please visit the Zoom Suit web site at www.superverse.com.

About MetalFX® Technology
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