Make Sure Your Company Is Prepared to Overcome IT Disasters with Help from JENLOR

May 14, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
According to recent studies, nearly 2/5 of all American businesses lack a thorough IT disaster recovery plan, leaving their company's data vulnerable to often irrecoverable loss. Don't leave your business exposed with help from the IT consulting professionals at JENLOR.

These areas of risks can prove to be quite costly for businesses, as almost half go out of business within two years of losing their data, and 93% are out of business within five years. Having an effective disaster recovery plan in place is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if you want to keep your business afloat for the long-term.

JENLOR suggests that the best course of action on your way towards a proper disaster recovery plan is to start with the basics, protecting your business's most important data first and moving on from there. Throughout your data backup, it is vital that you keep close tabs on your plan and test it for vulnerability to ensure that your most valuable data is stored away and safe from disaster.

One smart idea for more effective IT disaster recovery is to take the time to carefully backup your business's most valuable data and information at an off-site location. An off-site backup ensures that even if your own IT network fails or is penetrated, your data is still safe & secure in the hands of a trusted data backup and recovery specialist.

A common mistake that many businesses make with their data backup is to do it once and forget about it. Rather than neglecting your data backup, the team at JENLOR suggests you pay close attention to your data backup, constantly testing it and even making more than one copy to ensure that your data can be easily and efficiently recovered should a disaster occur.

The key to successful IT disaster recovery is taking the time and investing in your backup. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense in times when your data is safe, you'll be thankful for it should a disaster ever strike.

Don't leave your business's most valuable assets at risk, start creating your own disaster recovery plan with help from JENLOR's latest slideshow at

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