Berliner startup BuddyGuard promises to make home security easy and elegant

May 14, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(Berlin, DE - May 14, 2015) Berlin-based start-up BuddyGuard is running an international crowdfunding campaign to complete the development of Flare, a complete home security system and smoke detector in a single, elegant, and self-managing device.

Flare uses artificial intelligence to protect your home. It imitates typical household sounds to drive away burglars and automatically calls the police or security services in the event of a burglary.

Herbert Hellemann, founder of BuddyGuard, was inspired to start the company when he experienced a break-in. In 2014, upon returning to his home he discovered he had been robbed. The thieves stole jewellery, laptops, and cash. "Objects of value were easily replaced by the insurance company," says Hellemann "but my nephew was home during the break in. The experience left him traumatized and still afraid to be left alone."

Flare is easily installed and operates automatically. It understands what is happening around it and takes automatic actions without human intervention. Flare activates automatically when residents leave their home or apartment. It uses a camera, motion detector, and other sensors to continually monitor its surroundings for suspicious activities.

Flare uses facial recognition technology to detect intruders. If someone who is not a recognized user enters the residence without anyone else present, Flare recognizes the intruder and automatically calls police or private security.

All of Flare's functions can be controlled from any iOS, Android or Windows device. In addition, the app provides real time information about what is happening in the home, allowing the owner to take actions from wherever they are.

Founded in 2014 by Herbert Hellemann, George Platon, and Wouter Verhoog, BuddyGuard is developing a smart security system called Flare. The system can dispatch emergency services, detect smoke, and distinguish residents and trusted contacts from intruders.

The international crowd funding campaign started on Kickstarter on May 12, 2015. BuddyGuard's founders are hoping to raise 80,000 Euros.

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