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June 03, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Los Angeles, CA, June 3, 2015 Delivering an unmatched level of control and protection, Boolean Tech today announced the immediate availability of ShieldMe Rx, a new, secure and mobile Call control app that allows Doctors to connect with their patients without ever giving up their phone number. The announcement signifies that Doctors now can manage their calls themselves automatically without having to pay large sums of money to call centers. Enabling them to directly control when and who calls them, effectively managing their own free time and also blocking reverse number look-ups and preventing spam and sales calls.

ShieldMe Rx gains significance in today's environment where the Doctors are demanding protection of their private time,. ShieldMe Rx empowers Doctors dentists and others to manage their own calendar and patient calls without having to rely on call centers and attendant's. They are now in full control of their time as they can dynamically change time to call and as to who can call them and when they can call them.

ShieldMe Rx is the safest way for Doctors dentists and health care providers to connect with patents without ever to fear about their own personal time invasion and privacy, as it protects their personal information while giving them complete communication control. The platform is unique with no parallel in the industry as it uses a protected algorithm to pair two individuals uniquely and securely, leaving no chance of intrusion by a third-party. It is 100 percent secure against tapping or hacking.

"Boolean Tech believes that the right to privacy is a fundamental right and our company wants to enable websites to offer its customers the same via ShieldMe," said Gurtaj Singh Padda, Founder and CEO of Boolean Tech. "For anyone wanting to offer privacy and safety to their clients, ShieldMe is the best solution available. It is a great platform to add to any website as it can increase customer retention and help grow revenues."

ShieldMe Rx game-changing technology is extremely easy-to-use with a just two steps and you are ready to go. With ShieldMe Rx, health care professionals don't need to outsource their patent calls to call centers or answering services wasting huge sums of money on a monthly basis, as its a simple app which can be used by just about anyone. There is no charges for numbers or air time minutes of incoming calls and out-going calls doing away with the need for a billing and reconciliation, Offering fixed monthly fee of $ 2.99 fee for unlimited talk time and Unlimited connections, In addition, Doctors don't have to worry about inter-operability as ShieldMe Rx works with every mobile phone, on any network (2G/3G/4G) and is completely secure Its just you and your Patients and no one else. .

Doctors interested in managing their own time and calender can download ShieldMe Rx from IOS store and Android Store.

About Boolean Tech (
Boolean Tech is the owner and operator of ShieldMe Rx, reflecting our goal and ethos of shielding users from prying eyes and unwanted attention. It is all about "Mobile Call Control and Privacy Protection" a private one-to-one connection within the shield of total privacy. ShieldMe is unique with no parallel in the industry. We use a protected algorithm to pair two individuals uniquely and securely, leaving no chance of intrusion by a third-party.

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