Peacock Data is celebrating the biggest new software product launch in their history after pdSurname doubles expectations

June 02, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
June 2, 2015 - Peacock Data will be celebrating tomorrow-and they have a good reason. That will mark three months since the release of their ground-breaking pdSurname last name software, and more than twice as many units will have been licensed compared to any previous new product offering, which was double expectations.

The landmark release represents six years of research and development, and is modeled after the company's flagship pdNickname product, which has been in the marketplace for two decades. pdSurname is marketed to multiple groups, including businesses, organizations, schools, government, and researchers. It is designed to help those working with lists of names, such client registers, merge database records and reduce duplication.

Many database lists have the same person entered multiple times under slightly different name variations, such as "Johnson" versus "Johnston", "Balmer" versus "Bolmer", "DeGarcia" versus "Garcia", and "Al-Hassan" versus "El-Hassan" versus "Hassan". The new offering lets users merge this related information in a single location, resulting in reduced long-term costs, improved customer service, and better sales.

Peacock Data software is particularly critical in the medical industry where patient records frequently can be in multiple places with slightly different versions of a name. This has led to terrible consequences in some instances, along with unnecessary medical procedures and diminished medical care in many other instances.

The new pdSurname package, however, does more by connecting the more than 335,000 last names included with more than 600 languages, dialects, ethnic groups, and races, from English and Spanish to Russian and German to Persian and Arabic to Japanese and Chinese. It covers the globe and provides users with ethnic and racial demographics never before available on this scale.

Students, teachers, scholars, and those researching family histories benefit as well because this software is recommended for study in genealogy, onomatology, anthroponymy, ethnology, linguistics, and related disciplines.

A Pro edition of the product even includes fuzzy logic so users can fix their lists even when names are entered with misspellings or other typographical errors. The new technology, which the company dubs "Fuzzy Logic Generation 2.0", addresses five types of data entry errors:

  • Phonetic misspellings
  • Reversed letters
  • Double-letter misspellings
  • Missed keystrokes
  • Name string manipulations

  • The new database package is a very innovative piece of software resulting from the hard work of a team of dedicated researchers and developers. In the end, pdSurname is a one-of-a-kind proprietary resource that lets users complete projects with significantly more success and in ways that were not possible before.

    Peacock Data, and their growing list of patrons, do indeed have a good reason to celebrate.


    The software comes in Standard and Pro editions. Both include the same names and features except the Pro version comes equipped with fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic allows matching when lists have misspellings or other typographical errors. The Standard edition has everything except fuzzy logic.

    Total name records: Pro: 109,932,801; Standard: 81,079,801
    Zipped size: Pro: 1.2 GB; Standard: 962 MB
    Extracted size: Pro: 22.9 GB; Standard: 16.8 GB
    Introductory Price: Pro: $371.25; Standard: $224.25

    The package also features precision documentation, complete with examples, and a perpetual multi-seat site license allowing installation on all computers in the same building within a single company or organization.


    pdSurname is also part of the company's pdSuite Names (now on sale, $645) and pdSuite Master Collection (now on sale, $795) software bundles.

    About Peacock Data
    California-based Peacock Data are the makers of database software products used by business, organizations, churches, schools, researchers, and government. They are an industry leader because of their superior solutions and renowned loyalty to customers.

    For more than 20 years Peacock Data's specialized software has been utilized in applications you use every day.


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