StampKey launches its updated loyalty App which uses a simple but smart PIN code to issue loyalty stamps and rewards via Smartphone

June 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 5, 2015 - StampKey loyalty app has been updated to use a smart PIN Code to make it really highly convenient for any business to bring their loyalty cards and coupons on their customers smartphones. StampKey is available on iTunes and Google Play.

The updated app offers businesses to benefit from features such as loyalty cards with customizable card images, PIN code to issue stamps and rewards directly on the customer's smartphone, coupons, share buttons via Facebook and Twitter and a Messenger. For the consumer's benefit, the App is bundled in a convenient card organizer with a quick search bar and where the customer can add any other loyalty card he wants - even displaying barcodes and QR-codes.

Restaurants, Bars, Take-away, Hairdressers, Spa's, Beauty Salons, Fitness Centers, Flower shops now can benefit from a really easy and hazzle free solution to bring their loyalty card and coupons on their customers smartphone via StampKey app. The loyalty and coupon programs can be managed via webaccess and stamps and coupons can simply be credited to the email addresses of the customers. Business users can choose between a subscription for loyalty cards or pay as you go for coupons.

As StampKey is using a smart PIN Code to issue stamps, rewards or redeem coupons, no additional hardware is required unless you have no WIFI or 3G internet access. For security reason the PIN code is set to automatically change each day and the customer card will be automatically blocked for a short time period to avoid abuse. Customers can gift their stamps to their friends and colleagues, which makes it easier for businesses to find new customers while the user can make good use of otherwise non-usable loyalty stamps. Each loyalty card and coupon is stored under the customers account either as anonymous or as registered user. Registered users have the advantage that in case of loosing their smartphone they can retrieve their stored loyalty cards upon login or use the cards on multiple smartphones or tablets.

StampKey app comes with a convenient loyalty card organizer, which allows each user to add any card he likes and also can display barcodes or QR codes. The user will benefit from a really outstanding search function allowing to retrieve any stored card very quickly which makes StampKey one of the most convenient loyalty apps to use. StampKey is completely free to download for normal users. StampKey differentiates between loyalty cards received from businesses or cards uploaded privately as some users also simply like to have a convenient backup solution to store a digital copy of their driving license, identity card or any other card. Power Users thus can add cloud storage option to synchronize also their own private cards across their smartphones or tablets.

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