6W's Chad Ian Lieber Teaches "How Press Release Marketing Helps Generate Traffic"

June 05, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 5, 2015 - "Press release marketing is not very different from article marketing," Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman, renowned SEO specialist and trainer, began his address to an eager and attentive gathering at an SEO event recently, "By offering news of certain important events concerning a business, you draw attention to its online presence and invite traffic from interested parties."

Adding that press releases were so effective because they alluded to current news, he offered an illustration to show just how effective press release campaign could be. "Say you own a website selling bicycles. You have a robust article marketing campaign going on, but this has not improved your traffic significantly, because it seems that people are not just interested in bicycles.

"Now, imagine the world cycling tour has just ended, and now the market is ripe with potential because eyes are now directed at cycling. This interest is short-lived, meaning that you must take action fast. You don't have to start writing articles afresh, not about bicycles anyway, since the main focus isn't on the actual bicycles.

"However, you can write some press releases blog presses is a more accurate description to cover the event and then connect them to your previous articles as well as your goods and services related to bicycles and bicycling," he concluded his illustration.

Further, he advised business owners to be strategic regarding the places they publish their press releases, stating that choosing correctly could cause an immediate surge in traffic, some of whom may become loyal readers and visitors to your site. As the current events related to your specific niche come up, he advised using the same strategy to capture the attention of interested masses while the hype lasted.

This, he said, was not a hard method of marketing; all that a website owner needs is dedication to a bit of research and staying updated in the current happenings within the industry. He also advised that the strategy would need some knowledge about search engine criteria, and hence hiring a team would be helpful if the business owner did not know much on the subject.

In conclusion, he advised learning the strategy so that eventually the business's staff members could be able to manage the press release efforts as part of their marketing campaign, which was an effective long-term solution.

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