"No Photos" T Shirts In Store Promotion During Sundance

January 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LOS ANGELES, Calif. – January 14, 2006 – Noted photographer, author and
digital image pioneer Brad Elterman (http://www.bradelterman.com) will
make a personal appearance at Expressions at 312 Main Street, Park City UT on
Sunday January 22, 2006 from 2-5pm, where his new t-shirt line,
Paparazzi Chic (http://www.paparazzichic.com) will grace the Main Street shop's

Elterman has chronicled and documented celebrity culture, fashion and
music and film figures since 1974. His new collection of 100 per cent
cotton “Paparazzi Chic” high end t-shirts integrate his own amusing but
powerful text captions into individual slogans, commenting on
today’s celebrity culture. “I wanted to do something creative and I’ve
always been interested in the apparel business,” Elterman mentions.

“The paparazzi name is a very sexy thing now,” says Elterman. “It’s an
eye-catcher. I was always the guy on the inside working for the
talent, the record company or the magazine. Back then there were only
twenty people at the premieres, today there are well over a hundred. I
would see the paparazzi lurking outside of Chasen's or at the
backstage door, but all they did was shoot the stars from the stage
door to the car door and then call it a night. Today there are packs
chasing them all the way back to Bel Air or Malibu and camp out all
night for more photos. It is disgusting and the funny thing is that
everyone wants to see these photos."

“In addition,” Elterman continues, “in the last ten or twenty years,
entertainment industry publicists have limited or prohibited access to
their clients, and very generic poses and ‘photo ops’ are the result.
The PR people have taken the fun out of the scene and hampered the art.
The photos I took in the ’70s and ’80s could never happen today. Part
of the reason for the high bounty for paparazzi photos is all due to the
tight access that PR people have created. At the end of the day the
tabloid reader does not want to see a posed photo of a star holding a
trophy. They want to see them out and about on the street looking like
normal folks."

Elterman has created clever slogans for his debut foray into the
designer clothing world. Buzz words like “No Photos,” “Stop Taking My
Photo,” “Call my agent,” and “PR Nightmare,” are among the first batch
of text that grace the front of his “Paparazzi Chic” T-shirts "This
line is my take on the present war between celebrities and the

Just weeks ago the newly signed California "Anti Paparazzi Law" went
into effect to crack down on unethical photographers involved in high
speed chases with the potential for serious accidents. " I am still for
First Amendment activities, but let's face it, many of these so called
paparazzi are not really very professional".

"The shirts have sold well and I am delighted that we will have prime
exposure at Expressions to celebrities attending Sundance." Elterman an
avid skier and regular visitor to Park City, has many friends in
the area.

For more info: (310) 980 8822, brad@paparazzichic.com