Avoid Seasonal Allergies with Help From Concordia Lutheran Ministries

June 13, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
June 13, 2015 - As warmer weather continues to make its way into the air around us, the senior care experts at Concordia Lutheran Ministries have published their tips on how to avoid the effects of seasonal allergies to help you enjoy the season.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to seasonal allergies, and many may find themselves battling these symptoms for the first time in their life. No sign of allergy should be taken lightly, as even the slightest signs could turn into something more severe for seniors.

Make sure you're prepared to handle any allergy symptoms that come your way with help from the senior care experts at Concordia Lutheran Ministries. As one of the leading senior care networks in Western Pennsylvania, Concordia has built a reputation for being the experts for all your senior living needs.

One of the first things to do as you prepare for allergy seasons is to make an appointment with an allergy specialist. A specialist will not only help you determine if you do have allergies, but will also provide you with tips on how to prevent the spread of allergens all throughout the home.

Another thing to watch out for throughout the allergy season is the pollen count in your area. Sites like www.pollen.com offer a quick solution to help you monitor the allergy alerts in your area and can help you determine how to go about your day to best avoid harmful allergens.

If you must go outside during periods of high allergen activity, be sure to shower as soon as possible when you come back indoors. In addition, change into fresh clothes and make sure to keep a routine laundry schedule to prevent allergens building up throughout the home. A standard clothes dryer is best to help keep linens and clothing allergen free all season long.

Avoiding the common causes of seasonal allergies doesn't have to be hard, and with a little extra care you may find yourself allergy free. Discover how you can prevent allergens in your home by visiting www.concordialm.org/blog/breathing-easy-how-to-help-seniors-survive-allergy-season-infographic.

If you're looking for quality senior care, look no further than Concordia Lutheran Ministries. For over 130 years, Concordia has been providing exceptional senior care and comfort services all throughout Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. To learn more about what Concordia has to offer, visit www.concordialm.org.

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