BooleanTech Introduces ShieldMe-DS (Date Shield) an Unparalleled Protection System for People visiting online dating sites

June 15, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DUBLIN, IRELAND and San Fransisco, CA June 15, 2015 Boolean Tech, a leading mobile privacy company, announced today the expansion of its mobile privacy platform to offer users, unmatched private mobile communication. Date Shield's innovative offering addresses key safety and privacy issues, including many that impact women directly, such as online dating.

The world just isn't safe anymore. Think about it: anyone who has your mobile number can call you or text you any time they want, as often as they want to. It is not just angry ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends or friends who don't understand that you may not want to be contacted at odd hours or at work, but hackers and identity thieves. Even the National Security Agency (NSA) can track your movements and listen to your conversations, with only your phone number.

Date Shield (DS) offers the first real solution to a longstanding dating conundrum for women and men alike "Do I or Don't I give him/her my contact number." With DS, you will never need to give your mobile number out to anyone again. Empowering the women of today to decide who calls her, when they call her, and if she no longer want to receive calls, DS gives its users the ability to deny access to anyone by simply deleting him or her. Even if a deleted contact tries calling DS user back, DS platform will ensure the call will not get through. DS not only shields users Mobile number it also shields their location using state of the art technology by preventing reverse Number look ups. DS gives the control back to you.

"As online dating platforms continue to increase in popularity, it is important, now more than ever, that users take precautions to protect themselves and their privacy," said Gurtaj S. Padda, creator of the DS App and platform and founder and chief executive officer of Boolean Tech. "DS takes care of your relationships, keeping your privacy safe and shielded. Believe me once you try DS, you'll wonder how you lived all these years without it! If you are on Tinder or POF or Grindr or even or especially any of the adult dating websites you must go there with your "Dating BFF ShieldMe DS". We are excited to offer this unique app for online dating and its an absolute must have for all online daters or potential online daters. We look forward to continuing to offer solutions that provide privacy protection for all."

About the Date Shield App:

The DS app is extremely easy to use and register. Once the app is registered the users can Control who calls them, when they call and who doesn't call them, coupled with Reverse Number look up protection. With DS its users can Add Friends Mobile Number on the fly, Generate a Privacy Protected and Time To Call Number. The system will automatically inform the added party of the Connection Number, for example "Hi! My personal contact number is 123 456 7890. And post that you can call the person or he or she can call you back as well the numbers will remain active for life. Should you want to disconnect simply delete friend and he or she will never be able to call you back Guaranteed.

Security Features:
  • Prevent any reverse number look-ups (no one can find out where you live or work)
  • Every connection Number is unique. Only between you and your Friend no one else can use that number. Prevent Hacking or Identity theft or any snooping. Enjoy your personal time without any disturbances. Complete control on who can call you when they call you and when they cant call you.
  • Unlimited friends can be added to the app- Fair usage policy applies.
  • Each friend will be assigned a unique one on one paired number.
  • Unlimited talk time, No limits on talk time talk all you want DS doesn't charge its users for any air time, in coming or out going or numbers.
  • Works everywhere, your home and office even when you are on the road, if you got coverage DS has you covered.
  • Works seamlessly on 2G - 3G - 4G LTE networks and its NOT VOIP so crystal clear

  • ShiledMe DS -Your Dating BFF is available on Android and IOS

    About Boolean Tech
    Boolean Tech is a leading mobile privacy company dedicated to providing individuals with the peace of mind that comes from enjoying personal mobile communication in a reliable and private manner. Boolean Tech is the owner and operator of the innovative mobile privacy App ShieldMe DS. For more information, visit or on Twitter at @StitMe.

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    SOURCE: Boolean Tech (Ireland) Ltd.

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