Braking down the misconceptions of paintball safety (Infographic)

June 23, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
June 23, 2015 -, an online retailer has just announced the launched of its new online store.

With the launch of another paintball retailer, is this a sport we really want to promote in our country? Is it healthy for our communities and safe for our youth? Is running around shooting people good for anyone, and anyway isn't paintball a really dangerous sport?

With about ten million players worldwide and 3.5 million in the US participating in this sport, it is still widely viewed as a violent and dangerous activity, but surprisingly studies show it to be one of the safest. "Research published by the Minnesota Paintball Association has argued that paintball is one of the statistically safest sports to participate in, with 20 injuries per 100,000 players annually."

This is what the owners of Badass paintball have to say. "In respect to safety, we know that it is physically safe, but it is also great for mental health. We all know life is getting more and more stressful, even for our kids. Studies have shown that being active can release stress and increase well-being. Spending time outside, being active, getting vitamin D can benefit and boost your mood, focus, and immunity as well as improve sleep. Playing paintball, along with other sports, releases the endorphins needed to accomplish this. Paintball just might rekindle your spirit of adventure and who couldn't use a fun and little adventure in their life?"

Despite this fact people are still scared by stories like the one "In Canada in 2007, an eleven-year-old boy lifted his mask and was shot point blank in the eye by an adult playing on the same field." Unfortunately the fact that he lifted off his mask was the cause of his injury, and situations like this are very rare and almost completely avoidable. Another study has determined that eye injuries happened in settings where protective equipment such as masks were not enforced, or simply removed by the player. This situation is similar to a football player going on the field without a helmet on.

Out of 10,000 participants only 2 are injured. Let's compare that with a few other sports using the base of 10,000 participants.

Who doesn't love football? Even with a helmet, Youth Football has 800 injuries.

Tennis, archery, basketball, and many other sports are all more dangerous than paintball according to the national studies. Statistically bowling is even more dangerous. "More than 20,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year from injuries suffered at bowling alleys, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission."

So where does all the hype come from? I think it is because paintball is played with guns, and some can be pretty realistic guns at that. But, even the paintballs are non-caustic and similar to bath oil beads. After a good game it all washes away with no lasting harm. Most paintball injuries tend to be incidental to any outdoor physical activity, like sprains from tripping or falling.

So, playing paintball can feel pretty intense but the truth is the risk of real danger to yourself or others is very minimal. The benefits can be plentiful. But you will never know the real benefits of playing until you try for yourself. Check out today and see what a great selection they offer.

Badass Paintball was born out of a love for the sport and is run by avid paintball players with a true love for the game. We carry a full line of products to meet the needs of all players, from the professional and the weekend warrior to the newbie just beginning. So, whether you are buying your first gun or playing professionally, we have the gear and the expertise to help you make the right decision

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