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June 23, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 23, 2015 - No matter what industry your organization belongs to, IT is likely an important part of keeping up with and managing all of your day-to-day activities. Make sure your IT network is performing up to par with help from the IT consulting experts at JENLOR Integrations.

Many companies and organizations neglect their IT network simply for the fact they feel the task is too daunting or too complex for them to handle on their own. At JENLOR, the experienced IT Network Management professionals can help you evaluate your IT needs and create a customized strategy tailored to your business.

One of the first steps to take in the evaluation and assessment process is to determine and test your organization's data backup and recovery programs. Data is the lifeblood of every business, and should be treated as such to keep your organization afloat. That being said, having an effective data backup and recovery plan in place is a must to save time and money should an IT disaster ever occur.

Next, keeping your network secure should be a top priority when establishing a more effective IT Network. Making sure that your company deploys the most current anti-virus and anti-malware security in place is a good place to start, but Firewalls and more advanced security management features can help ensure that your organization's most valuable data is protected to minimize your risk.

Cloud Storage Solutions are quickly emerging as one of the latest trends dominating the IT industry. With the power of the cloud on your side, your business can cut down the costs of purchasing expensive storage solutions, software and equipment while improving your data capabilities.

Another advantage of the cloud is the constant connectivity that it provides for your employees. In today's business world, much of the work is done while on-the-go. Migrating some of your business's data to the cloud helps your employees stay connected and communicating no matter if they're in the office or out in the field.

Keeping up with your organization's IT Network management doesn't have to be such a hassle. Give your network a true evaluation and uncover areas of opportunity for your business by visiting

The IT Consulting Professionals of JENLOR focus on making IT easy for companies, no matter what or how complex their needs may be. Give your organization a well-rounded IT service strategy to help you get ahead of the competition by visiting

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