MeisterTask Unveils Kanban Lane Automation Feature in Latest Release

June 30, 2015 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
June 30, 2015 - MeisterTask, the intuitive task manager for teams, just released the first version of its highly anticipated power feature 'Section Actions' which lets users automate recurring steps in their workflow and thus work more consistently and efficiently.

In MeisterTask, project boards consist of multiple sections which users can define and arrange to fit their personal workflow, be it a simple Kanban system with lanes for To Do - Doing - Done, or an elaborate software sprint with eight to ten different steps. With the release of MeisterTask's new power feature, users are now able to configure a multitude of actions for each individual section which otherwise would have to be carried out manually.

"Even in the most agile environment you'll find that certain steps have to be taken over and over to ensure that all the right people are being informed and tasks end up exactly where they belong. This is where Section Actions come in," explains MeisterLabs Managing Director, Till Vollmer. "Once you've identified such a recurring step in your workflow, you can now simply create an automation for it. Even if you only save five seconds for each task that way, for a whole project with hundreds of tasks this really adds up."

Section Actions can be configured in MeisterTask's web version at here and are then synchronized across its mobile apps on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. In its first version the feature offers three distinct actions: 'Change Status', which automatically re-opens, completes or archives tasks; 'Assign', which assigns tasks to a predefined team member, and 'Move', which relocates the task to a new project and/or section. The configured actions are automatically carried out whenever a task is created in or moved to the respective section.

"The three Section Actions released today were only the first step," says Till Vollmer. "Over the next few months we will add not only more internal actions but also integrations with popular tools like Zapier, enabling users to connect even more apps into their task management workflow with MeisterTask."

About MeisterTask:
Launched in March 2015, MeisterTask is an intuitive web-based collaboration tool that ups the standard in efficient - and even enjoyable - task management. Using MeisterTask, teams organize and manage tasks in a gorgeous, customizable environment that perfectly adapts to their workflow and even automates recurring steps. A free native mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is available on the AppStore.

MeisterTask was developed by MeisterLabs, the company behind the award-winning brainstorming tool MindMeister. An integration between MindMeister and MeisterTask enables users to turn their brainstorms and visually-created project plans directly into agile project boards.


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